Trademarks Notice

Company Name

Argus or Argus Media is our trade name, or name under which we conduct business, and, when used in that context, never requires the ® or ™ designation. When referring to Argus as a company name, with or without the “Ltd” or “Inc.,” do not include a trademark designation.


Argus is also a registered trademark that is used to distinguish products and services. As a registered trademark, it should be designated with the ® symbol (i.e. Argus®).

Our trademarks may not be used by third parties without express permission from Argus Media. To obtain permission, please contact us at

Genuine descriptive references to our product or service names are limited to text-only references and must be truthful, must not disparage Argus, and must not be misleading or otherwise cause confusion. You must not create any false impression as to Argus sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement of/with your company or products/services.

General Guidelines

Please ensure you adhere to the following rules of use in connection with any legitimate use of or reference to any of our trademarks. The following is not intended to waive any of Argus’ rights including any rights reserved to Argus in its agreements with third parties:

  • When a product/service is referenced, ownership by Argus must be attributed on the page/screen where the reference appears, or in the legal notices section of the communication or site in which it is referenced.
  • All of our report names include the name ARGUS and all references to our reports and publications must display the name correctly, with the name ARGUS in the title.
  • Our product and service names should be differentiated from surrounding text. For example, “For more information about the Argus Direct® service…” or “For more information about the Argus Open Markets® platform…”
  • The proper symbol for registered trademarks is ®. It is your responsibility to ensure that registered marks are denoted as such and that you do not use the ® symbol incorrectly. The proper symbol for product names which are the subject of pending applications or are used in accordance with common law trademark principles is ™. You should position the applicable designation immediately after the trademark to which it applies.
  • You must not create or display any unauthorised version of the ARGUS logo.
  • Translations of our trademarks are not permitted.
  • You must not incorporate any of our trademarks into your company's product names or otherwise connect your company name with us or any of our product names without express permission from Argus.
  • Do not use our trademarks as a noun or verb, in the possessive form or in the plural form. Instead use trademarks to describe the service, platform or price in question, for example the Argus Direct® platform or the ASCI® price.

Below is a listing of some of the core trademarks owned by Argus. The list is intended to provide notice of the trademarks which are registered in (where followed by ®) or which are trademarks or common law marks used in (where followed by ™) the United States. However, all of the trademarks listed are registered and used in one or more other countries and the list is not intended to be exhaustive. Please note that laws concerning use and marking of trademarks or product names vary by country.




















*API 2®, API 4®, API 5®, API 6™ and API 8®

ICI 4™



All of our publication titles and index names are also trademarks of Argus. To the extent that a name or logo does not appear on the list above this does not constitute a waiver of any and all intellectual property rights that Argus or its affiliates has established in any of its trademarks and logos.

*The API indexes and names are jointly owned with IHS Global Limited

Improper Use

In the event you see or become aware of any unauthorised or improper use of Argus’ trademarks, or if you want additional trademark information, please contact us at