The chemical industry is based on feedstocks that are derived from crude oil, natural gas, fats, natural oil, and more. These feedstocks are converted into a wide range of modern products, from the packaging our food comes in, to the clothes we wear, and the devices we use.  

From wellhead to warehouse, the global chemical industry is a complex chain stretching across the world. It involves chemical producers, converters, transporters and plastic goods manufacturers, to name just a few. To navigate this often opaque industry, you need access to the latest market intelligence. 

Our industry-recognised experts provide in-depth pricing data, news and analysis on the markets that matter most to you. And they’re located across the world’s principal commodity trading and production centres. 

Our coverage connects feedstock markets with aromatics, methanol, olefins, polymer and oleochemical markets. We help you to mitigate risk by truly understanding your market, from the wellhead to the end product.