Argus Methodology and Reference

Argus Methodology and Reference

Argus uses a market-appropriate methodology to assess prices in each of the markets that it covers. These methodologies are governed by Argus’ standards of compliance, in consultation with the public and our stakeholders.

Each methodology is reviewed regularly to ensure that it meets the needs of market participants and is in line with industry practice. Argus seeks to reflect the way markets are traded, rather than impose any one view on the markets — including its own.


Benefits of our expertise

  • Transparent

    We have public processes for launching, amending and discontinuing price assessments and for changing our methodologies.
  • Accountable

    We have internal and external audit processes and publish annual reports on our work.
  • Collaborative

    We work with the industry when reviewing our methodologies to meet market needs.
  • Responsive

    We review methodologies so we can adapt to market changes quickly and responsibly.
  • Comprehensive

    Our methodologies cover all of our price reporting and assessment processes.
  • Independent

    Our methodologies ensure integrity in our market reporting and eliminate bias.
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Industry-leading methodology

Argus engages with the market in order to develop the most effective and rigorous processes for our price assessments. We are trusted by markets around the world and seek to continually inform all our clients and stakeholders about our price formation processes.

Reliable assessments

Argus develops methodologies that reflect the way markets trade. We aim to produce price assessments that are reliable indicators of commodity market values, free from distortion and representative of spot market values. As a result, the specific currencies, volume, units, locations and other specifications of an assessment are determined by industry consensus to facilitate seamless bilateral trade, and we mirror these industry conventions.


Argus’ commitment to transparency extends to its corrections processes. In the event that a correction is required, Argus publishes corrected data in reports, data-feed products and to the public.

Publishing schedule

Argus is a leading global price reporting agency and understands the trading challenges caused by regional holiday schedules. We produce our annual publishing calendar early, transparently and in consultation with the affected industry and markets.