Fertilizer Matters: Sulphuric Acid, Sep 2023

Author Argus

Hear Argus’ analysis of sulphuric acid supply, demand and the short-term outlook as unexpected demand from OCP, spot price developments in Chile and 2024 contract negotiations shape a vital period for the global sulphuric acid market.

 Join Mike Nash, Senior Editor and Liliana Minton, Editor – Sulphuric Acid as they discuss these topics and more in the first episode of our new bi-weekly podcast series - Fertilizer Matters..



Complimentary download: Access supporting slide pack including:

  • Chile sulphuric acid imports (2018 – 2022)
  • Chile cfr spot vs contract (2020 – 2023)
  • NW Europe and China fobs (Sep 2022 – Aug 2023)
  • Download here


Key topics covered and questions addressed in the podcast:

  • Brief picture of the global sulphuric acid market's current state
  • Why has there been unexpected demand from OCP, and what has been the impact of the resulting supply squeeze?
  • Chilean market insight and sentiment ahead of yearly contract negotiations for 2024
  • Current spot price in Chile, and how it drives the timing and mood for price negotiations
  • Is European supply into Chile going to face competition from alternative supply sources coming into play (for example from Asia)?
  • Impact of logistical issues in the Panama canal
  • The timeframe for contract negotiations in Chile
  • Supporting slide pack available:Download here


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