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ARGUS Hydrocarbon Resins Analytics

Argus Hydrocarbon Resins Analytics provides insight into previous and current year global markets for hydrocarbon resins along with current technology and supply and demand trends.

The service gives you unbiased, independent and expert intelligence on hydrocarbon resin feedstock trends and competitive co-product material markets.

This complete market outlook details the technology behind tackifying resins and their uses, as well as key drivers behind supply availability, the regional economic factors that influence supply and demand, and the increasing importance of the shift of the production base to Asia-Pacific.

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Key benefits

  • Understand global trends for hydrocarbon resins markets.
  • Learn the basics: The annual is a unique resource that covers the history and basic technologies behind all tackifying resins.
  • Find your next big opportunity using expert insight.
  • Stay ahead of your competition - evaluate your position in the market, as well as your competitors.


Key features

  • Global tackifier capacities and production
  • Hydrocarbon resin sales by region
  • Analysis of tackifying resin feedstock availability (C5-based and aromatic resin oil) and trends
  • Review of competitive resin technologies and their effect on hydrocarbon resin markets
  • Review of hydrocarbon resin technology
  • Analysis of polymer market trends used in conjunction with tackifying resins in hot-melt adhesive formulations
  • Analysis of changes in technology that may affect monomer, polymer and tackifying resin production for adhesive formulations
  • Access to the expert consultants behind Argus’ market analysis

Customers that benefit

  • Commercial planners
  • Procurement and supply chain management
  • Strategic project managers
  • Investors
  • M&A managers
  • R&D personnel
  • C-level and executive management

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