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Our flagship petroleum products service, the Argus European Products service is your must-have source of the Argus Rotterdam Eurobob gasoline assessment — the standard index for northwest European physical and swap markets.

The service provides intelligent analytical commentary, explaining the reasons behind distillate price movements. You can also see intra-day deals and bid/offer information for different products markets through our Bulletin Boards.

With nearly 50 years of history in oil market reporting and a robust methodology that reflects real trading behaviour, the Argus European Products service is your vital daily tool for independent market clarity.

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Markets covered

  • Gasoline, including Eurobob oxy, Eurobob non-oxy, 98R, 95R and 91R
  • Jet, including the cif Mediterranean market
  • Naphtha
  • Gasoil, including French/German/Med diesel 10ppm and German 50ppm heating oil
  • Fuel oil, including 1pc, 3.5pc, RMK and straight-run
  • VGO, 0.5pc and 2pc

Key features

  • Intra-day deal and bid/offer information
  • Market-moving news on top developments
  • Expert market and price analysis
  • 20 years of historical data
  • Daily spot stories
  • End-of-day summary report
  • Robust, transparent methodology developed with the industry
  • Downloadable market data at your fingertips
  • Argus Bulletin Boards — quickly see deal and bid/offer information for a range of petroleum products, anytime, anywhere

Customers that benefit

Anyone with exposure to European petroleum products prices and involved in crack spreads will find the Argus European Products service essential. Below are examples of how some customers use the service:

  • Traders involved in the buying and selling of refined products use Argus price benchmarks as accurate and impartial references when negotiating trades and contracts.
  • Oil majors use the information to inform decision-making processes, enhance their marketing strategy, and search for counterparties and new markets.
  • Analysts and risk managers use the data to analyse the current market situation and possible future scenarios.
  • Refiners can track the price of petroleum products to make the best decisions about refinery output.
  • Finance officers use the information to analyse the market, evaluate risks and work out their investment strategies.
  • Exchanges rely on our price assessments, which are underpinned by a methodology that reflects real trading behaviour and is developed in conjunction with the industry.

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