Our Products and Platforms

Our Products and Platforms

Products and services

Benefits of our services and products

  • accurate contract agreements

    We know the markets because we have been reporting on them for nearly 50 years, providing us with considerable knowledge and expertise.
  • implement pricing models

    We understand that each client is distinctive, and so we deliver information to them in the way that best suits their needs.
  • evidence based negotiations

    We identify the most important issues in the markets thanks to a widespread network of intelligent industry experts.
  • market drive

    We use trusted and transparent market-appropriate methodologies to assess prices, and we consult with a range of participants involved in different markets.
  • rapid price fluctuation

    We publish a full range of business intelligence and market reports, price assessments and special studies on energy, petrochemicals, metals, fertilizer and transport markets.
  • reduce risk

    We are independent and trusted by industry leaders, who value our insight into local, regional and global markets.

Delivery methods

Argus delivers business-critical information to clients in the way that they want to use it. The delivery methods and platforms integrate seamlessly with clients’ systems and processes, so they can be confident that data are instantly accessible and useful.


ARGUS Direct

This online platform allows users to access a fully customisable dashboard of reports, charts, prices, fundamental data, news and market analysis at any time. The Argus Direct platform is a web-based interface, with a useful mobile application and a desktop alert system that keeps users up-to-date with market developments as they happen.

ARGUS Direct for Spreadsheets

This Microsoft Excel plug-in allows users to integrate our trusted data into their own spreadsheets. The software enables users to navigate prices, perform unit and currency conversions and automatically refresh information.



Data feeds

Many clients want data and analysis to integrate directly with their own information systems. Argus supplies data feeds through both FTP and API.

Data aggregators

Argus information can be accessed through a wide variety of third-party partners, including Thomson Reuters, MarketView, Morningstar and Bloomberg, among others.

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