Argus Platforms

Argus Platforms

Our platforms give you access across marketplaces

The Argus Direct, Argus Spot Ticker, Argus Metals, Argus Open Markets and Argus Analytics platforms are our premium ways to deliver information instantly to you. Explore the options and see how we can empower your business decisions.

We also deliver our market reports, price assessments, bulletin boards, fundamentals data, news and market commentary through third-party partners, driving robust business results for clients worldwide.

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ARGUS Direct information

  • ARGUS Direct for web

    Instantly amend and add charts, alter the price history displayed, change the currency as well as set up news feeds.
  • ARGUS Direct for Workspaces

    Workspaces is a new feature on Argus Direct that lets you create customized pages to see Argus prices, market reporting and news relevant to you.
  • ARGUS Publications App

    Access energy, fertilizer, metal and petrochemical news, prices and analysis, no matter where your work takes you.
  • ARGUS Direct for Spreadsheets

    Create spreadsheet templates with this user-friendly tool containing key Argus prices and other data directly into Excel.
  • ARGUS Direct help and support

    Before contacting Argus Direct support, you may find the answer to your question in one of our online resources.

Features of our ARGUS Direct products

  • Customise key prices

    Export current and historical data to get a quick overview of historical trends
  • Exclusive key stories

    Filter and select your most relevant topics and regions and see highlighted key stories
  • Chart comparison

    Create outright charts to compare different markets and monitor arbitrage opportunities by creating spread charts
  • Search function

    Find publications, prices and articles quickly to inform your business decisions
  • ARGUS Alerts

    Set up mobile and email alerts to get key prices and articles as soon as they are published
  • Data and downloads

    Instantly access your fundamentals data

Access Argus information anytime, anywhere


Argus Metals

The ARGUS Metals platform

Executives who have responsibility for driving profits for their company need tools that help their teams become more efficient. The Argus Metals platform will highlight arbitrage opportunities, help you analyse spreads and correlations between prices, consume data in multiple formats for export to other systems, and create a series of customised dynamic reports for different segments of your business. Discover how the Argus Metals platform can transform the way you look at price assessments.
Argus Spot Ticker

ARGUS Spot Ticker

The Argus Spot Ticker platform targets the needs of the downstream fuels sector by providing pricing transparency to US gasoline, diesel, heating oil, ethanol and RINs markets in real time throughout the day.
Argus Open Markets

ARGUS Open Markets

The web-based electronic Argus Open Markets platform enables registered market participants to post bids, offers and initiate commodity deals in real time on the spot market.
Argus Analytics

ARGUS Analytics

The new Argus Analytics platform offers clients access to Argus’ broad and trusted range of fundamentals and pricing data, all in one place. Using an Excel add-in, you can view and manipulate the universe of our historical and forecast data to assist your research in an easy and intuitive way.