Argus Natural Gas Services in Europe

Argus Natural Gas Services in Europe

The natural gas market in Europe

Price volatility in the European natural gas markets has increased sharply since 2022. While prices have come down significantly since their successive spikes last year, the market is more unpredictable than it used to be and more interlinked than ever with global LNG dynamics and other commodities. To navigate uncertainty, you need access to the best market information delivered in a timely manner and in the most usable format.

Whether you’re after key gas prices and indexes, expert commentary on the latest industry developments, or market data to aid your business planning, we give you the information you need and the expert view to understand it.  We have eyes on all energy markets, and the information supporting our price reports is comprehensive and thorough.

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Why Argus?

  • Unrivalled Methodology

    Our gas price assessments follow a reliable methodology adhering to IOSCO principles. We maintain daily industry standards through rigorous internal and external auditing to show that we meet the highest possible industry standards every day. We offer volume-weighted average gas prices and other benefits such as generating economics for gas-fired and coal-fired power plants, long-term contract prices, and indexed supply costs.
  • Data at a Glance

    Our coverage provides the most complete picture of European gas prices available, including timestamped assessments for prompt and forward gas prices across the continent. Our data covers the most liquid Dutch TTF hub and more opaque hubs like Romania and Ukraine. We collaborate closely with our clients to offer customised solutions with multiple reports in one convenient location.
  • Reliable Service

    Our price data is delivered electronically daily, providing reliable information to plan your processes. Clients depend on our accurate data, decreasing their administrative workload and saving time. Due to our quality output and responsiveness, businesses who choose Argus stay with Argus.

Our Wider Coverage

There are many energy and commodity markets which affect natural gas. Thankfully, we cover all of them! Our sales team can tailor a bespoke solution for you which incorporates data and analysis from other sectors which are directly or indirectly influential on gas prices and trends. Click below to see some of the other markets we report on, and fill out a form to speak to one our experts about a customised natural gas solution.
  • Power

    Leading intelligence into electricity markets and extensive industry data to effectively track regional power markets, including renewable power generation and GOO certificates
  • Coal

    Argus coal market services provide you with the professional, high-quality intelligence that you need to meet the demands of today’s global coal markets
  • LNG

    Find the latest spot price assessments, market-moving news and comprehensive analysis in the Argus LNG Daily
  • Emissions

    Extensive regional price and market intelligence for the carbon and greenhouse gas markets, including the EU ETS, CER, RGGI, LCFS, RECs, and updates on latest regulatory changes
  • Crude Oil

    Argus crude oil pricing has been entrenched in the world’s global markets since 1979. Our key crude prices, including WTI Houston, WTI Midland, LLS and Mars are used extensively as the settlement basis for exchange-traded derivatives
  • Oil Products

    Price assessments, market intelligence and latest news for the evolving oil markets globally with dedicated services by region and for road, marine and jet fuels
  • Fertilizers

    Argus produces the most comprehensive suite of pricing and market intelligence services available to the fertilizer industry, including market-specific research and analysis.

Key Prices and Contracts Quotes

Our European Natural Gas report alone covers all key European market prices giving you a full overview of the market, plus detailed information to help you plan and strategise:

Natural Gas Price Grid


We assess prompt and forward contracts traded at the TTF and many other hubs, giving you clarity on the whole European market.

Argus European Gas hubs

Check out our sample reports below

  • Argus European Natural Gas

    Daily European natural gas prices, including TTF, NBP and other markets and extensive market commentary, news and analysis
  • Argus LNG Daily

    Daily commentaries and forward-looking analysis of market fundamentals including spot cargo supply and demand and key shipping movements.
  • Argus European Natural Gas Outlook

    Monthly outlook report developed by our consulting team which forecasts EU and UK fundamentals and the TTF market price.

Our key European natural gas price reports from the last month

Click below to download a PDF of our European natural gas price reports from the last month.

Natural Gas Service PDF sample

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