Argus assesses a wide range of commodity prices that are crucial when sourcing materials for automotive components. Our spot prices are essential assessments for carmakers, as the industry develops physical purchasing processes alongside sophisticated hedging strategies.

Argus also assesses prices across all stages of ferrous and non-ferrous value chains by employing a global team of experts that diligently enforces our market-leading and audited methodologies. We work with the broader automotive industry to assess the most relevant prices to their global and complex supply chains.

You can view more information for Argus’ price assessments and market analysis support the automotive supply chain here and read some of our latest market commentary and analysis below.

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Assembling a car with Argus energy and commodity prices

Competition in the automotive industry is fierce, so access to timely, accurate pricing to better negotiate contracts, improve profit margins and reduce risk have never been more important. Argus provides a range of pricing and analysis for you to make decisions with certainty and maximise your profitability.

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Argus services for the automotive sector

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    Our main focus is price discovery for "open market" metal products – reporting the prices of metals that are not listed on the major exchanges, but essential to global trade.
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    Argus services cover the full range of refined oil products from around the world using our transparent and market-appropriate methodologies.
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    As a global leader in petrochemicals and across the value chain, trust Argus to help you mitigate risk by truly understanding the market, from the wellhead to plastics conversion.

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