The Effects of the Coronavirus on Markets

The Effects of the Coronavirus on Markets

Here you can access the latest blog posts, podcasts and news as well as Argus’ assessment of the immediate fallout from the virus on multiple commodities and the potential impact for the rest of this year. The outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic in China — the world’s second-largest economy, responsible for almost a fifth of global GDP — is having a significant impact on commodity markets, as trading patterns are disrupted and economic growth forecasts are revised lower.

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Covid-19 Port Restrictions

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17 diciembre 2020

From the Economist's Chair: Shifting policy priorities will drive China’s 2021 commodity demand

China’s imports of key commodities, totalling 2 billion tons and covering energy, agricultural products and metals, were up by a robust 7% year-on-year (y-o-y) during January-November 2020, with iron ore, soy, meat products and crude oil the strongest performers.


Asia-Pacific English Agriculture Carbón Crudo Fertilizantes GLP/LGN Metales Gas natural/GNL Petroquímicos

18 noviembre 2020

The Crude Report: Freight loses some Covid-19 weight

After an unprecedented rise earlier this year thanks to a surge of floating storage demand, the weight of freight – freight's share of the delivered cost – has returned to the more typical 5pc - 10pc range for US-to-China shipments.


Crudo Flete y Transporte North America Asia-Pacific English

02 noviembre 2020

From the Economist's Chair: US election fog could intensify crude’s roller coaster

Intra-day crude volatility has doubled since early-September, on renewed uncertainty over Opec+ intentions, recovering Libyan production, weakening oil demand amid resurgent Covid-19 and, not least, a fractious US Presidential and Senate election campaign, which may see...


Crudo North America English

26 octubre 2020

From the Economist’s Chair: Energy outlooks offer divergent paths for oil demand

The annual autumn glut of energy outlooks shows disparate potential global oil demand levels by 2040, with Covid-19’s aftermath now augmenting energy transition pathways as a source of uncertainty.


Crudo Global English Petroquímicos Flete y Transporte Africa Asia-Pacific Europe Latin America and Caribbean North America

07 octubre 2020

Malaysian palm oil at a crossroads

Malaysia’s freeze on cross-border hiring in response to Covid-19 has left oil palm estates grappling with a lack of hands during their peak harvesting season, and at a potential turning point in the industry’s labour dynamics.


Bioenergía Asia-Pacific English

01 octubre 2020

The Covid Effect: Peak US energy dominance

Covid-19 has forced a drastic reappraisal of US shale oil growth prospects, amid an economic downturn that has complicated expectations for a presidential election next month that could have even longer-term implications for oil and gas, writes Haik Gugarats.


Crudo Productos refinados North America English

23 septiembre 2020

The Covid Effect: Saudi Arabia checks its vision

The pandemic has dealt Riyadh a triple blow just as Saudi Arabia's de facto leader was trying to steer the country in a new and different direction, writes Samira Kawar.


Crudo Middle East English

23 septiembre 2020

The Crude Report - Opec: 60 years and counting

It’s been 60 years since Opec was formed by founding members Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait and Venezuela.


Crudo Global English Asia-Pacific Europe Latin America and Caribbean Middle East North America

22 septiembre 2020

Caribbean ammonia: Why are Trinidad prices lagging the international market?

It has been a challenging year for ammonia producers, with spot prices plummeting in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak and industrial demand slashed across several key import regions.


Fertilizantes Latin America and Caribbean Russian

16 septiembre 2020

Pandemic delays start of some minor metals contract negotiations

This is the time of year when the autumn conference season would normally be upon us and industry participants from all over the world would be congregating to mull over the year and to envision future supply-demand plans.


Metales Global English Asia-Pacific Europe North America

16 septiembre 2020

Market Talks: The jump in Brazil’s soybean imports amid the grain’s bumper crop

Increased soybean demand in Brazil during the Covid-19 pandemic has boosted the country’s imports, despite Brazil achieving its highest ever soybean crop this year, narrowing the country’s trade balance in this commodity.


Fertilizantes Agriculture Latin America and Caribbean English Portuguese

15 septiembre 2020

The Covid Effect: China’s long march to recovery

Beijing faces choices as it looks to revive the Chinese economy, including the degree to which its recovery will depend on oil, gas and coal, write Karen Teo and Tom Reed.


Asia-Pacific Crudo Productos refinados Carbón Gas natural/GNL Energía eléctrica English

26 agosto 2020

Coal imports help Turkish economy in 1H20

Turkish coal imports resisted the economic slowdown driven by Covid-19, rising on the year in the first half of 2020, as a rare move by state-owned utility Euas to support independent coal-fired power plants bolstered demand.


Carbón Europe English

19 agosto 2020

Mexican oil caught between a hug and a hammer

Attacks on Mexico’s energy infrastructure have grown in recent months along with an overall increase in crime. This risks both the already troubled climate for private-sector investment and the government’s own drive to shore up state-owned Pemex.


Crudo Productos refinados Latin America and Caribbean English

10 agosto 2020

Covid-19 weighs on global coal burn in 1H

Coal consumption in key markets slipped during the first half of 2020 as a late recovery in China’s coal burn failed to offset weakness in the earlier periods of the year.


Carbón Asia-Pacific Europe English

23 julio 2020

Market Talks: Outlook for Brazilian exports of poultry and pork meat

Brazilian exports of poultry and pork meat should increase in 2020 against last year, but the pressure exerted by the pandemic in the international trade of these products will have a significant impact on shipments.


Fertilizantes Latin America and Caribbean Portuguese

08 julio 2020

Driving Discussions: How Covid-19 inverted the gasoline-naphtha spread

Welcome to the next episode in Driving Discussions, this time looking at how Covid-19 has turned the naphtha-gasoline relationship on its head.


Productos refinados Flete y Transporte English Europe

08 julio 2020

The Covid-19 impact on logistics in the west African fertilizer market

Welcome to the second episode of our Africa fertilizer knowledge series. In this podcast we discuss the logistical implications of Covid-19 on the west African fertilizer market supply chain.


Africa Fertilizantes English Seminarios Web

30 junio 2020

The Petcoke Podcast: Covid-19 impacts on Atlantic basin fuel coke demand

Welcome to The Petcoke Podcast, a new series discussing key developments for the global petroleum coke markets with expert industry participants.


Productos refinados Global Europe North America English

30 junio 2020

Asia polymers: Chinese demand removes surplus

Low feedstock costs have incentivised producers in Asia-Pacific to maximise polymers production despite weaker demand in this year’s second quarter. Heavy plant maintenance and a demand recovery in China have allowed producers in other regions to balance the demand drop...


Petroquímicos Asia-Pacific English

24 junio 2020

Big Oil grasps the nettle

Major oil companies are grappling with two huge problems – how to navigate their way through the demand and revenue slump triggered by the Covid-19 lockdown, and how to reposition their businesses for the longer term as the world moves towards a lower carbon future.


Crudo Productos refinados Gas natural/GNL Global English Asia-Pacific Europe Middle East Latin America and Caribbean North America

22 junio 2020

From the Economist’s Chair: Paint It Bleak

As summer arrives and the world emerges from lock-down, hopes are high for gradual economic and oil demand recovery. Alongside reasonable levels of Opec+ discipline, this could help place a floor under crude prices. But whisper it quietly, a bleaker scenario also exists...


Crudo Global English Africa Asia-Pacific Europe Latin America and Caribbean Middle East North America

18 junio 2020

Digitalisation of mining to weather future storms

Mining is no stranger to digitalisation. The widely held perception of the resources industry is one of workers in mines and not one of machines running almost everything.


Metales Global English Asia-Pacific Europe Latin America and Caribbean Middle East North America

15 junio 2020

African Fertilizer Knowledge Series: Assessing the impact of Covid-19 on west Africa fertilizer supply and demand

Welcome to the first episode of our Africa fertilizer knowledge series. In this podcast we discuss the supply/demand dynamics in western Africa with the West African Fertilizer Association.


Fertilizantes Africa

10 junio 2020

Driving Discussions: Road to recovery (part 1)

The latest episode in our Driving Discussions series looks at signs of recovery we might expect over the coming weeks and months as countries re-evaluate lockdown policies.


English Productos refinados

03 junio 2020

Covid-19 sows uncertainty for fertilizer demand

Fertilizer could be the next commodity to fall victim to the economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, as the slump in demand for fuel — and biofuels — trickles down to the US corn crops used to produce ethanol.


Fertilizantes North America English

02 junio 2020

Over 2mn t — the new China sulphur inventory norm?

China is unique when it comes to sulphur storage, as the key ports of Fangcheng, Beihai and Zhanjiang in the south of the country and the north China ports of Tangshan, Weifang, Zhenjiang and Nanjing have the capacity to hold in excess of 3mn t of sulphur.


Fertilizantes Asia-Pacific English

01 junio 2020

Sizing up Covid-19 iron ore supply risks

The centre of the Covid-19 pandemic is shifting from Europe and the US to countries like India and Brazil, two of the four largest iron ore exporters in the world. Iron ore prices are rising as the focus moves to saving lives.


Metales Global English Asia-Pacific Europe Latin America and Caribbean North America

27 mayo 2020

Bitumen no longer bottom

There have been few positives for refiners during the Covid-19 pandemic, but the strength of bitumen has offered some solace.


Productos refinados Europe English

26 mayo 2020

Crude and jet fuel markets on the runway for price recovery

It may seem remote right now, but despite the recent unparalleled loss of global oil demand, economic forces will sooner or later conspire to rebalance the market as demand recovery takes hold and crude production in high-cost regions falls.


Productos refinados Crudo Global Africa Asia-Pacific Europe FSU Latin America and Caribbean Middle East North America English

26 mayo 2020

Covid-19 highlights unlocked potential of demand-side CO2 cuts

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a disastrous impact on the lives and well-being of citizens across the world. Major economies have been temporarily shut down, while freedom of movement has virtually ground to a halt.


Emisiones Europe English

26 mayo 2020

Impact of IMO 2020 and Covid-19 on heavy products

Find out how the heavy products have reacted to the compound effect of IMO 2020 and Covid-19 in this latest Argus update.


Global Productos refinados

18 mayo 2020

Driving Discussions: Balancing Russia's gasoline market in volatile times

Listen in to the latest Driving Discussions podcast, this time spotlighting the state of Russia's gasoline market in the midst of the global Covid-19 pandemic.


FSU Productos refinados Flete y Transporte

18 mayo 2020

Covid-19 — questions from the sulphur market on the sulphur market

Listen in as Claira Lloyd answers questions from her most recent webinar on Covid-19's impact on the global sulphur market.


Global Fertilizantes

14 mayo 2020

A perfect storm for GCC steelmakers

The Covid-19 pandemic, combined with the timing of the oil price collapse, could have created one of the most hostile steel markets for the GCC region ever.


Metales Middle East English

14 mayo 2020

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on Asian bitumen markets | Episode 2

The impact of Covid-19 has been felt significantly in Asian bitumen markets in Asia. As countries shut borders and enforced lockdowns, road construction activity slowed and then completely halted.


Productos refinados Asia-Pacific English

14 mayo 2020

French nuclear crisis: Will history repeat itself?

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted most aspects of life, and French power plant maintenance schedules are no exception. Could the French power market be about to experience its most challenging winter since 2016-17?


Energía eléctrica Europe English

13 mayo 2020

Driving Discussions: The Impact of Covid-19 on European fuel markets and refineries (part 2)

The Driving Discussions series returns to Europe to examine the changes in Covid-19's impact on refineries with a special focus on utilisation rates.


Europe English Productos refinados

05 mayo 2020

Covid-19 crushes global power demand and coal consumption in April

Global coal demand was dealt a significant blow in April, as restrictions in many countries to curb the spread of Covid-19 slashed power demand and weighed heavily on industrial output.


Carbón Asia-Pacific Europe English

29 abril 2020

Podcast - Driving Discussions: The impact of Covid-19 on European biofuels markets and HVO

Join the latest Driving Discussions podcast for coverage of the European HVO and biofuel markets amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.


English Europe Bioenergía Productos refinados

23 abril 2020

Portuguese podcast - Market Talks: The impacts of Covid-19 on Brazil’s clean fuels markets

Measures enforced to prevent the spread of coronavirus had a strong impact on the oil and refined products demand around the globe. How big is the drop in demand for clean fuels in Brazil, and how will it reflect in domestic trade flows?


Productos refinados Latin America and Caribbean North America Portuguese

22 abril 2020

Podcast: The impact of Covid-19 on European bitumen

Coronavirus has affected commodity markets across the globe, and bitumen is no exception. Tune in to this latest podcast to learn how the pandemic has impacted bitumen markets in Europe and Africa.


Africa English Europe Productos refinados

22 abril 2020

Podcast - Driving Discussions: The surprising RINs market during Covid-19

While all other energy commodities markets around the world have seen a severe dip in prices, RINs prices in the US are steady. What is causing the RINs market in the US to react this way and what is the outlook?


Productos refinados North America English

21 abril 2020

South African coal industry faces up to 14-year low prices

After trading at nearly $100/t over the winter, South African high calorific value (CV) coal prices fell to a 14-year low this week amid subdued demand caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.


Carbón Global English Africa Asia-Pacific Latin America and Caribbean North America

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  • Webinar: Online Crude Forum

    9 September 2020: The global Covid-19 crisis and its impact on economic activity has caused demand for refined oil products to plummet, closely followed by production. Please note that we have two sessions covering different topics on 9 September.
  • White Paper: Covid-19 to change the structure of base and minor metals markets

    Argus metals assesses prices for key battery components and prices for base metals which have experienced much volatility since the start of the Covid-19 crisis.
  • Webinar: Sulphur Market Outlook

    30 July 2020: Join us to discover key April-July pricing and supply trends, third quarter contracts, the impact of Covid-19, project updates and capacity outlook, the global sulphur balance forecast and more.
  • Webinar: Argus Base Oils Virtual Forum 2020

    7 July 2020: Argus is excited to meet you online this year. Argus’ Asia-Pacific and Europe market experts will focus on the impact of Covid-19 in the first half of 2020 and what to expect in the second half of the year.
  • Webinar: Covid-19 — What does this mean for Asian bitumen markets?

    2 July 2020: Join Argus Media’s Asia Asphalt Editor Aabha Gandhi as she discusses how Covid-19 changed the Asia-Pacific and Middle East bitumen markets in the first half of 2020, and share Argus’ view for the next quarter.
  • Webinar: Covid-19 and the Global LNG Market

    4 June 2020: How has the Covid-19 pandemic reshaped global LNG demand; what are the implications for new projects coming on stream and awaiting FID; and what additional pressures has the pandemic put on long-term LNG contract structures?
  • White Paper: Battery Materials

    4 June 2020: Global demand for lithium-based energy storage systems (ESS) is accelerating as costs decline, despite near-term disruptions to the supply chain from the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • White paper: Mixed prospects for China’s rare earths market amid Covid-19

    4 June 2020: China’s rare earths market is facing mixed prospects as global economies and industries reel from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Webinar: The Impact of Covid-19 on Wire & Cable demand

    28 May 2020: Join Teis Sherman, analyst - metals, as he delivers an overview of the short term and long term outlook for global wire and cable markets.
  • Webinar - Covid-19: The natural gas view from Europe

    21 May 2020: How have the Covid-19 shutdowns affected fundamentals in Europe’s over-supplied gas market? In this webinar, we look at the impact of the pandemic and prospects for the rest of 2020.
  • Webinar: Will APAC jet fuel markets ever be the same?

    20 May 2020: The Covid-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on Asia-Pacific jet fuel markets, with airlines all but grounding their fleets as travel and jet fuel demand have taken a severe hit.
  • Webinar: US LNG and the impact of Covid-19

    7 May 2020: The US LNG market is evolving faster than ever amidst the global coronavirus pandemic. In this webinar, we discuss recent changes in export capacities, and what this means for planned projects.
  • White Paper: EU ETS emissions set for further sharp decline

    14 May 2020: GHG emissions are set to fall dramatically this year due to measures taken to slow and contain the spread of Covid-19, leaving EU leaders under growing pressure to make key decisions over the carbon market’s supply structure.
  • White Paper: Coronavirus impact on European petrochemical market

    29 April 2020: The rate of new Covid-19 infections, intensive care admissions and deaths fell across most of western Europe during the past week. The sustained decline encouraged some governments to cautiously begin to ease lockdown measures, notably in Germany, but the picture remains mixed.
  • White Paper: Pandemic and price war

    29 April 2020: The first quarter of 2020 has seen unprecedented upheaval and disruption, not just to daily life, but also to energy and commodity markets with LPG no exception. But while the pandemic has wreaked havoc across jet fuel, gasoline and diesel markets, the impact of Covid-19 on LPG which is both an essential fuel and feedstock — has been somewhat different to other products.
  • Webinar: Covid-19 and the impact on Indonesian coal market fundamentals

    28 April 2020. Argus Media’s coal editorial team discusses Covid-19’s impact on market developments in Asia-Pacific. This will cover Indonesian supply, demand centres, recovery timeline and challenges facing China and India.
  • White Paper: Covid-19 provokes sharp fall in global wire and cable demand

    09 April 2020: Coronavirus will lead to a sharp contraction in global wire and cable demand throughout 2020 as reduced fixed investment, industrial activity and private consumption stifle end market demand.
  • White Paper: Asia polymers face more demand weakness

    25 March 2020: Polymer prices in Asia are coming under further pressure because of a lack of resin demand as the region grapples with the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Webinar: Biomass markets adjust to challenging times

    25 March 2020: Discussing market developments in APAC, Europe and the US, policy changes impacting wood pellet and PKS trade flows and the outlook for 2020.
  • White Paper: Indian polymers under strain

    24 March 2020: India’s polymer trading has slowed amid the coronavirus outbreak in China. Market participants expect further declines from a slowdown in polymer consumption in China.
  • Weekly update on China petrochemicals plants production

    Each week Argus provides updates on petrochemical plants production, polymer plants production and methanol and syngas MEG plants production.
  • Webinar: Dealing with disruption in the iron ore markets

    19 March 2020: Join Argus' Chris Newman, senior editor, ferrous markets, for a review on the recent disruptors of iron ore markets.
  • Webinar: Coronavirus outbreak - Impact on base oils

    Join Argus' Guo Harn (Marc) Hong, senior analyst, base oils, for an analysis of the coronavirus impact on global base oils markets.
  • White Paper: Battery Materials - China EV slowdown

    A weaker economy and lower NEV subsidies that were introduced in 2019 precipitated a drop in Chinese NEV production and sales last year. The coronavirus outbreak has put further downward pressure on the sector in 1Q 2020.
  • White Paper: The impact of coronavirus on propylene

    What will be the impact on propylene — for production and consumption — of the continued escalation of the coronavirus crisis and the increasingly stringent measures put in place by governments to control its spread?
  • Webinar (Chinese): China's rare earths market

    Rare earth prices began to fall in late February owing to a rise in supplies as the outbreak eased, and weak demand from downstream sectors. Meanwhile, prices for medium and heavy rare earths have continued to rise since February.
  • White Paper: Coronavirus impact on Asia's steel markets

    Coronavirus impacts have been pronounced across China’s and Asia’s ferrous industry. In its wake, it has exposed unnecessary weaknesses in steel pricing structures. Will the steel industry emerge stronger?
  • Webinar (Chinese): Asia-Pacific's bunker market

    A fall in crude prices and the continued spread of the coronavirus have created substantial market volatility in the marine fuels market. Watch this webinar (Chinese) for updates on the APAC bonded bunkers market.
  • Webinar on global rare earths markets

    Webinar topics include Argus' rare earths coverage, the impact of the virus outbreak on rare earths supply and demand, an overview of rare earths prices in January-February, and an outlook and forecast.
  • White paper: The Coronavirus Impact

    In this white paper, Argus assesses the immediate fallout from the virus on multiple commodities and the potential impact for the rest of this year.

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