Our experts are available to comment to accredited news media organisations around the world. We can supply historical price data, charts and other market information. You can reach our press team directly by using the contact information below to request comment or data.

As a leading price reporting agency, we bring transparency to often complex and opaque our energy and commodity markets. Our world-class team of market reporters, journalists and analysts are in constant contact with industry participants, revealing, reporting and analysing the events that shape the global energy and commodities landscape.

We also provide key price benchmarks and indexes, analytics and forecasting, consulting services, data science tools and industry conferences.

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View the all the latest press releases from Argus, including business announcements, price launches, calendar events, methodology changes and more.

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Argus in the news

We allow reproduction of our proprietary price assessments in the form of charts or graphs by accredited media organisations. You can access recent articles or broadcasts where we have been quoted.

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Commodity prices

Our work in every sector that we cover is used to broaden market intelligence, and our price assessments are accepted as an accurate and reliable indicator of the real value of a commodity.

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We bring transparency to complex and opaque commodity markets, including energy, metals, fertilizers, agriculture and chemicals. We also provide key price benchmarks, indexes and market insight, as well as conferences and consulting services. Our experts are available to comment to news media and we can supply historical prices and other information to media outlets; use the contact information below to request comment or data.

London: Seana Lanigan

+44 20 7780 4200
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Houston: Matthew Oatway

+1 713 968 0000
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Singapore: Tomoko Hashimoto

+65 6496 9960
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