ARGUS Biofuels Outlook

Stay ahead of the curve with the Argus Biofuels Outlook — a monthly service forecasting demand and prices for environmental credits and key biofuels, including biodiesel, renewable diesel and HVO, ethanol, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and renewable feedstocks, up to 12 months into the future.

With accompanying expert analysis of key trends in each market, the Argus Biofuels Outlook service is your independent source of intelligence to aid planning and decision making.


Argus Biofuels and feedstocks Asia Conf

Argus biofuels outlook - October highlights

Markets covered

  • European biodiesel
  • European HVO and SAF
  • European ethanol
  • European crop and waste-based feedstocks
  • US ethanol
  • US renewable diesel and SAF
  • US renewable feedstocks
  • US biodiesel
  • Low-carbon fuel standards (LCFS)
  • Singapore HVO and SAF
  • China UCO

Key features

  • 12-month forecast of key regional biofuel price assessments, including HVO and SAF
  • Region-by-region demand forecasts for North America and Europe
  • Summary of key regulatory changes impacting biofuels supply and demand factors
  • Price outlook for key environmental credit markets, including LCFS and RINs
  • Understand market movements through independent analytical commentaries
  • Trusted, expert insights, drawing on Argus’ daily biofuels market reporting expertise
  • Coverage of key fundamentals for road fuels, aviation fuel, and agricultural factors that impact the biofuels markets

Customers that benefit

  • Traders: use price forecasts to track biofuels refining margins and stay abreast on arbitrage opportunities.
  • Bankers and investors: key insights and analysis enable better decision making when analysing companies entering the biofuels marketplace.
  • Government agencies: rely on our outlook as a key part of a holistic view of the biofuels market.
  • Plant operators: key price signals that support planning, production, maintenance and inventory allocation decisions.
  • Biorefiners: determine the most profitable feedstocks in the years ahead, and how plant economics will shape up in the medium term.
  • Consumers: guidance to assist analysis of sustainability and environmental, social and governance goals.

Biofuels Outlook Content Library

Explore some of the monthly content sourced from the Biofuels Outlook service. With a different focus each time, learn more about the markets.
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    Argus Biofuels Outlook - Biodiesel feedstock demand

  • Argus Biofuels Outlook - Infographic

    Argus Biofuels Outlook - May highlights

  • Argus Biofuels Outlook: Brazil focus

    Argus Biofuels Outlook: Brazil focus

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