Chemical Conversations: turbulent times for PVC markets

Author Argus

This episode focuses on the drivers behind PVC markets and launch of the Argus Global PVC Service, a weekly pricing service containing the latest resin price assessments along with demand information and detailed commentary on key PVC grades and market fundamentals.

Muhamad Fadhil, Vice President of Global Business Development at Argus, talks to Argus Petrochemicals specialists, Alex Sands, European Editor of Petrochemicals and Michael Vitiello, European Petrochemicals Senior Reporter. Together they explore recent supply disruptions, the impact of gas price volatility on PVC markets and the outlook for PVC, its key derivatives and feedstocks as we go in to 2022.

Argus Global Polyvinyl Chloride service

This new weekly pricing service contains the latest resin price assessments, along with demand information and detailed commentary on key PVC grades and market fundamentals.

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