Fertilizer Matters: Market spotlight - US and Brazil, Nov 2023

Author Argus

Hear Argus’ analysis of fertilizer market developments in the US and Brazil, direct from our teams based in the Argus Houston and Sao Paulo offices. Join Mike Nash, Senior Editor, Jasmine Davis, Editor - Argus North American Fertilizer and Flavia Bohone, Editor – Argus Brazil Grains and Fertilizer as they provide expert domestic insight on both these markets, as well as analysis of their influence on international markets.

This fifth episode of the Fertilizer Matters podcast series also includes a complimentary slide pack – see more details below:

Complimentary Download: Supporting slide pack including:

  • US geography and importance of the river system
  • Key facts on the US market (focusing on urea, phosphates, potash)
  • Brazil geography and freight map
  • Key facts on the Brazil market (focusing on nitrogen, phosphates, potash)
  • Download here


Key topics covered in the podcast:

  • How important are the US and Brazilian fertilizer markets to the global market?
  • US and Brazilian fertilizer market dynamics, focusing on nitrogen, phosphate and potash
  • US spotlight: The importance of the New Orleans market and potential impact of revised US import duties
  • Brazil spotlight: The importance of MOP and urea - and explaining barter rates
  • Near term outlook for the US and Brazilian fertilizer markets


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