Hiring Process

Hiring Process

Hiring process

  • 1. Apply

    When you have found a role you are interested in, you can apply online. You will receive an email to acknowledge your application and our team will then review your details and will be in touch with you about the next steps.
  • 2. Explore

    Take a look at our departmental careers pages to learn more about our work, and review our list of current job vacancies for opportunities that may suit newcomers to the employment market or more experienced professionals.
  • 3. Interview

    We will reach out to the best and the brightest candidates for you to share your background and experience with us. When there is a fit, we will arrange additional interviews.
  • 4. Office visit

    We will often ask you to come back to meet other team members. This stage might also involve a practical test such as completing a case study or delivering a presentation.
  • 5. Offer

    If we feel that you would fit in well at Argus and help drive our growth, we will make you an offer of employment. We will provide you with written details of the employment offer and ask for your permission to complete the required background queries such as employment references and right-to-work checks.
  • 6. Connect

    Your colleagues will look forward to working with you and helping you and Argus achieve success. We will prepare your desk and equipment ready to welcome you on your first day and you will take part in an induction programme to help you get to know the company better.

Our teams

  • Consulting

    Our consulting team carries out bespoke research to empower clients to grow, diversify and outperform their competitors.
  • Editorial

    Our global editorial teams bring transparency and clarity to complex and strategically important commodity markets.
  • Commercial

    The sales and marketing teams develop relationships with clients and match services to their needs.
  • Conferences

    Our international team of producers, logistics professionals and marketers develop industry-leading conferences that deliver invaluable market insight and network opportunities.
  • Technology

    Our IT, technical support and development teams help create new services for clients as well as enhanced delivery systems.
  • Support

    Our legal, human resources, risk and finance departments ensure the professional and efficient running of the business.