Glycerine - soap

ARGUS Glycerine

Argus Glycerine gives you in-depth global and regional pricing insight, including feedstock analysis, in a single, concise and integrated report.

You get access to leading glycerine contract and spot markets, global industry news and analysis of key economic drivers on a bi-weekly basis. The service covers crude and refined glycerine, including vegetable and tallow refined glycerine, technical, pharmaceutical and crude grades for South America, North America, Europe, China and Asia. You’ll also get up to date trade flow coverage.

Argus covers the entire energy and commodities supply chain, feeding insight from its biofuels, agriculture and energy teams into its coverage of glycerine to provide you with a full picture.

Key benefits

  • Strong global coverage in a single report: Get a consistent global perspective of supply and demand that affects your bottom line
  • Concise analysis: Understand causes for recent market developments through easy-to-read charts, tables and expert insight
  • Linkages to key feedstocks: Don’t just focus on glycerine, but see how feedstocks such as coconut, palm and palm kernel oils play a role in your business
  • Establish a fair and representative market price for contract negotiations and shore up contracts to avoid renegotiation or default
  • Maintain security of supply
  • Improve operational control and reduce costs
  • Evaluate arbitrages and risk
  • Assess whether alternative strategies offer greater margins
  • Search for alternate sources of material or product substitutions
  • Monitor trade flows and confirm news about the market, supply, participants and dynamics
  • Monitor imports using country of origin data with a 5-day lag
  • Expertise you can trust: Rely on experienced and respected Argus experts to help you stay competitive in the global glycerine market

Key features

  • Bi-weekly coverage of global crude and refined glycerine markets
  • Off-week price trend bulletin to keep ahead of volatile markets
  • Global and regional pricing insight
  • Contract and spot prices for the United States
  • Spot prices for Europe, Asia, South America and Mexico
  • Extensive feedstock analysis
  • Trade, legislative and market trend analysis
  • Information on biodiesel and oleochemical plants located around the world

Global markets covered

  • Crude glycerine
  • Refined glycerine
  • Vegetable and tallow refined glycerine
  • Refined pharmaceutical glycerine
  • Tropical oils
  • Fats
  • Grease

Customers that benefit

  • Commercial Managers: optimise brand awareness and business value with a go-to-market strategy using in-depth insight to better evaluate product pricing, margins, feedstock and delivery costs
  • Analysts: get an in-depth global and regional view on pricing insight including feedstock analysis
  • Procurement: reduce your costs, ensure security of supply, and confidently forecast short- and long-term price trends
  • Traders: identify arbitrage and trade opportunities with regional analysis, independent price data, expert market insight and a complete view across the glycerine supply chain

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