ARGUS Propylene Oxide and Derivatives

ARGUS Propylene Oxide and Derivatives

Argus Propylene Oxide and Derivatives service gives you access to weekly price assessments for propylene oxide, propylene glycols and polyols, plus short-term fundamentals analysis including plant operating status, trade flows and demand drivers.

The service provides a global view of the industry, including regional dynamics and feedstock insights, in a single report.

As well as a weekly market report, you can access a powerful, customizable dashboard displaying prices for propylene oxide, propylene glycols, and polyols alongside the latest market news, analysis and commentary.

Argus Propylene Oxide and Derivatives also draws on insight from across the Argus portfolio to provide an integrated view along the value chain, giving downstream end-users visibility on the base chemical feedstocks used to produce propylene oxide and its derivatives.

Industry participants along the polyurethanes value chain can use Argus Propylene Oxide and Derivatives price data, market analysis, news and polyurethane formulation calculator to make better sales, marketing, procurement and trading decisions.

Used in combination with Argus Isocyanates, the two services provide comprehensive coverage of the polyurethanes industry.

Global markets Covered

  • Oil-related feedstocks: crude, naphtha
  • Key base chemical precursors and co-products: propylene, styrene, MTBE, glycerine
  • Propylene oxide
  • Propylene glycols
    • Mono propylene glycol (industrial)
    • Mono propylene glycol (USP/EP)
  • Polyether Polyols

Key benefits

  • Global and local insights in a single report: Get a weekly global price report covering all the major regions
  • Integrated view along the polyurethane value chain: Including data and insight on propylene, styrene, MTBE, glycerine, propylene oxide, polyols and propylene glycol
  • Negotiate contracts: Use independent and transparent price assessments
  • Expertise you can trust: Rely on experienced and respected Argus experts to help you stay competitive in the global propylene oxide and derivatives market

Key features

  • Global pricing of propylene oxide, propylene glycols and polyether polyols with official assessments for the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific
  • An integrated view along the propylene oxide and derivatives value chain
    • Information on crude, naphtha
    • Commentary and pricing trends for key base chemical precursors and co-products: propylene, styrene, MTBE, glycerine
  • Weekly regional commentary reviewing the key market and price drivers of propylene oxide, propylene glycols and polyether polyols referencing:
    • New plant start ups
    • Maintenance outages
    • Trade flows
    • Production costs and economics
    • Demand evolution
  • Global Capacity Lost Analysis
  • Argus Polyurethane Formulation Calculator
  • The latest news and market analysis
  • Weekly PDF report delivered to your email inbox
  • Powerful, customizable dashboard displaying the latest prices, market news, analysis and commentary

Customers that benefit

  • Suppliers of base chemicals for the production of propylene oxide and derivatives
  • Producers of propylene oxide, propylene glycols and polyols
  • Traders and distributors moving product intra and inter regionally
  • Polyurethane foam manufacturers, including flexible, rigid, and spray foam
  • System houses looking to buy polyols and produce unique blends for a specific customer/application
  • Consumers of propylene glycols involved in sectors including antifreeze/coolants, unsaturated polyester resins, flavours and fragrances, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage
  • Consumers of polyols involved in sectors including construction, comfort, automotive, appliances, CASE (Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, Elastomers), Wood Composites, Binders, Thermoplastic Polyurethanes
  • Chemical equity analysts covering listed companies active in the polyurethanes industry, ranging from the producers of polyols to major construction companies

Argus’ in-depth data and insight are delivered by experts across the value chain, from wellhead to warehouse, located in 26 offices in the world’s principal commodity trading and production centres.

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