Recycled plastics

ARGUS Recycled Polymers

Argus Recycled Polymers is a biweekly pricing service containing spot price assessments for recycled PET (rPET), recycled polyethylene (rPE) and recycled polypropylene (rPP), plus supply dynamics and demand information. It gives you a global view on the plastics circular economy, including regional analysis and related market insights in a concise, single report.

You can negotiate contracts from a position of strength, better inform your annual contracting strategy and track supply chain risks.

Argus Recycled Polymers gives you an integrated view, by drawing on insight from across the Argus portfolio which includes detailed coverage of petrochemicals, virgin polymers and sustainable feedstocks like bionaphtha. Through a combination of news, commentary and prices, you can make your strategic decisions.

Markets covered

The report contains prices from the European and US recycling industries, from bale to pellet:

rPE and rPP prices:

  • Pure & mixed post-consumer recycled (PCR) bale del NW Europe and ex-works Midwest US and delivered domestically in Indonesia
  • Range of regranulate prices for high density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP), del NW Europe and ex-works Midwest US, as well as prices for rHDPE in the Indonesian domestic market
  • Prices for flexible PE bales del NW Europe and cif SE Asia; Range of prices for rLDPE/LLDPE pellets delivered in NW Europe and FOB basis from SE Asia

rPET prices:

  • Bottle bale del north, west, south and eastern Europe, and the UK
  • Range of flake prices and food-grade pellet prices, covering all of Europe
  • Colourless and mixed colour bottle bale prices for the Indonesian domestic market
  • Range of flake prices and food-grade pellet prices covering FOB basis exports from NE Asia and SE Asia
  • Calculated netforwards for Asia-Pacific rPET flakes and food-grade pellets, on a cif ARA and cif US west coast basis

Virgin petrochemical prices:

  • Global ethylene and propylene contract values
  • Global HDPE, LLDPE and PP homopolymer spot prices

Sustainable feedstock prices:

  • Bionaphtha fob ARA and cfr NE Asia

Key features

  • Biweekly PDF report, weekly pricing sheet
  • Real-time news and analysis of fundamentals, key economic drivers, legislation and market trends
  • Global and regional pricing insight
  • FMCG and brand owner news and analysis, including a “target tracker” of pledges relating to plastic sustainability
  • Coverage of mechanical and chemical recycling, including a downloadable chemical recycling project tracker
  • Detailed feedstock information on virgin polymers and bionaphtha
  • Online access to Argus Direct for the latest insights

Key benefits

  • Make better decisions using reliable data with integrated coverage of virgin and recycled polymers plus sustainable feedstocks like bionaphtha
  • Negotiate contracts using independent and transparent price assessments
  • Monitor market dynamics and news in all regions including legislation, new technologies and capacity builds – especially as the market globalises
  • A concise, single report delivering regional analysis and related market insights all in one place
  • Global insight through a local lens – Argus’ market experts are based in key commodity hubs in Europe, the US and Asia-Pacific

Customers that benefit

Argus Recycled Polymers provides prices used in a wide range of industries. Below are examples of how clients use this service:

  • Plastics converters, compounders, recyclers, distributors and traders that need independent and transparent reference prices and an understanding of market drivers and the factors influencing recyclate and waste bale pricing, including information about the virgin polymers markets
  • Virgin polymer producers that need a global view along the entire value chain to understand the factors influencing recycled polymer pricing and availability, plus news and analysis about new technologies like chemical recycling and bionaphtha
  • Consumer Goods or FMCG companies that need to optimise procurement strategies, reduce costs and receive news about new technologies and supply availability

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