23 April - 25 April 2024
London, UK

Argus Biomass Conference

Argus Biomass Industry Awards 2023

The Argus Biomass Industry Awards took place for the first time at the Argus Biomass Conference on 18 April, showcasing the achievements of companies and individuals at the number-one networking event for the biomass industry. The awards recognise thought leadership in bringing sustainability to the forefront of business and in tackling climate change.
Awards co-host


Irene Di Padua
Policy Director, Bioenergy Europe
Carsten Huljus
Carsten Huljus
Chief Executive Officer, Sustainable Biomass Program (SBP)
William Strauss
William Strauss
President, FutureMetrics
Helen Bentley-Fox
Director, Woodsure

The awards categories


Lifetime Achievement Award - Individual award

  • This award recognizes an individual for their tireless support and efforts towards tackling biomass challenges and making key differences in the industry over the last decade.
  • In 250-300 words/2-minute video*, please describe a few key highlights of your career that have helped the industry change for the better and have had long lasting effects on the market.
  • Judges are looking for individuals with over 10 years of influence and experience in the biomass and bioenergy sector.


John Swaan

 John Swann Biomass Awards 2023


Woman Thought Leadership Award – Individual award

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  • This award recognises women in the industry who have helped create more inclusive policy, engagement and have also displayed key thought leadership on biomass projects.
  • In 250-300 words/2-minute video*, please describe 2 key projects that you have undertaken or participated displaying your thought leadership, innovation and ability to create more inclusive environments for women in the industry.  
  • Judges are looking for inspiring case studies, key projects and breakthroughs as well as challenges being overcome by individuals in the industry.


Goizeder Barberena Ibañez

 Goizeder Barberena Ibañez at Biomass Awards


Sustainability Award – Company award

  • This award recognises companies who have successfully deployed new innovations to achieve sustainability pathways for the future.
  • In 250-300 words/2-minute video*, explain some of the challenges you have faced with adapting to changing sustainability standards.
  • Judges are looking solely at solutions that can be replicated and used by the larger biomass community.


Wood Pellet Association of Canada

 Wood Pellet Association of Canada at Biomass Awards


Technology and Innovation Award - Company award

  • This award recognises a company/venture for a new product or innovative service that has impacted the biomass industry to make it easier to produce, easier to trade or easier to use product.
  • In 250-300 words/2-minute video*, please explain the innovation, impact and key challenges you faced to achieve this breakthrough. 
  • Judges are looking for product-based innovations for manufacturing, technology and service sectors who have successfully solved a key market issue in biomass. Timeline: Products/services launched between 2018-2023



 Polytechnik at Biomass Awards