October 2021
Location TBC

DEF Forum North America

Conference update

At Argus, the health, safety and well-being of our colleagues, customers, their families and communities are our highest priority. In light of the growing risk posed by Covid-19, we want to assure you that we are actively monitoring daily updates and will continue to respond quickly based on the advice of governments and public health authorities.

We appreciate you may have many questions at this time. Here at Argus, we are committed to providing you with the latest information as and when available. Over the coming weeks, we will keep you updated by email and via our social media channels regarding the scheduling of this conference. Please register your interest here to be kept updated via email.



Argus virtual events

Integer Vehicle Emissions Live - Virtual Conference | 15-17 June 2021

The Integer Emissions & AdBlue® Summit and DEF Forum are transitioning to the virtual environment on 15-27 June 2021. Join your global peers at this 3-day conference, exhibition and networking event that will equip you with the clarity you need on future regulations and standards for harmful emissions and CO2. Visit the website to learn more.

Conference at a glance

  • implement pricing models

    20 + networking hours

  • evidence based negotiations

    70 + Companies

  • accurate contract agreements

    150 + delegates

Companies that attended previously include:

ACTResearch l Amalgatech l AmericanPetroleumInstitute l AmeropaNorthAmerica,Inc l Andersonprocess l ASTM l BadgerMeter l BlueSkyDEF l BNSFRailroad l BrennerOilCompany l BrenntagNorthAmerica,Inc l BridgestoneHosePower l CDFCorporation l Cervantes-Delgado,Inc. l CFIndustries l CGBFertilizer l CherokeeNitrogenCompany l CleanDieselAssociates l ClearFuelLLC l CNHIndustrial l ColonialChemicalsCo l CornerstoneChemicalCompany l CumminsEmissionSolutions l DASCOIncorporated l DEFProductsLLC l DorisInternationalInc l DynoNobel l EmilianaSerbatoi l EnalyticLabs l FarmChem l FedExServices l GoldfinchPumpsLLC l GreatPlainsIndustriesInc l GROWMARK,Inc l HidrotecnikColombia l HowellOilCoInc l IntertekAutomotiveResearch l IrvingBlending&Packaging l JacksonOil&SolventsInc l JacobusEnerg l JHSealeandSonInc. l JMFertilizer l JohnDeere l KingspanEnvironmental l KleerBlue l KochFertilizer,LLC l KostUSA l LiquidControlsLLC l Love’sTravelStops&CountryStores,Inc l LSBIndustries l MacEwenPetroleumInc l MansfieldCanada l MansfieldOilCompany l MicroMaticUSAInc l MidwestFertilizerCompanyLLC l MielkeOilCompanymorral l MISCORefractometer l MorralCompanies l MotshagenAdvies l MusketCorporation l N-7LLC l NelsonPackagingCompanyInc. l NorthwestPump&Equipment l NoxguardMexico l Nutrien l OceanStateOil l OCIUSA l OldWorldIndustries l OmegaFlex l PACCAR l PenskeTruckLeasing l PetroleumEquipmentInstitute l PhosAgroTradingSA l PilotFlyingJ l PiusiUSA,inc. l PortsPetroleumCoInc l PotashCorp l PowerBlanket l PPCLubricants l PrimeBluedeMexico l PrimeBlueInternational l QualityDEFSolutions l QuarlesInc l QuarlesPetroleum l RaloyLubricantes l RecochemInc. l RefaccionesAguilarSAdeCV l RyderEnergyDistribution l SaudiBasicIndustriesCorporation l SemlerIndustriesInc l SouthwestResearchInstitute l Spatco l SPATCODEF l SUEZWTSServicesUSA,Inc. l SuncorEnergyMarketingInc. l SuperiorLubricantsCo.,Inc l T&ROilCoInc l TATravelCentersofAmericaPac l TecalemitInc l TechBlue l TetradCorporation l TexasEnterprises,Inc l TheFertilizerInstitute l ThunderCreekEquipment l TitanChemicalTransferSolutions l TopBlueLtd l TransliquidTechnologiesLLC l TuthillTransferSystems l UnionPacificRailroad l UnitedSuppliers,Inc. l USADEFLLC l XerxesCorporation l YaraNorthAmerica,Inc