12 October - 13 October 2023
Istanbul, Turkey

Argus LPG 2023

Global price reporting agency Argus invites you to take part in Argus LPG 2023, an international conference in Istanbul, Turkey from 12-13 October.

The LPG market has been increasingly volatile since 2020 and the events that started in February last year have added new uncertainties. How is the market adapting to these unprecedented challenges? What possible solutions have the professional community tested? We will try to answer these and other questions during the conference, as well as bring together more than 250 delegates from eastern and western Europe, the Middle East, east Asia, the Caspian region and the CIS countries.

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Topics on the agenda include:

  • Global LPG market transformation
  • The increase in LPG supplies from the US
  • The impact of recession on Europe’s LPG market
  • Will China continue its strategy to develop propane dehydrogenation projects?
  • The importance of the green agenda
  • Autogas market prospects in Central Asia
  • Points of growth in southeast Asia
  • Fleet availability of for seaborne gas supplies

For more information, please contact our conference department:

lpg.conference@argusmedia.com smartphone.png



Can Toydemir, Operations and Project Director, Milangaz
Can Toydemir
Operations and Project Director, Milangaz
James Rockal
James Rockall
CEO and Managing Director, WLPGA
David Appleton, Business Development Executive, Argus
David Appleton
VP, Business Development LPG, Argus
Ewa Abramiuk-Lété, General Manager, Liquid Gas Europe
Ewa Abramiuk-Lété
General Manager, Liquid Gas Europe
Svetlana Novolodskaya
Svetlana Novolodskaya
Head of LPG and Petchem group (FSU), Argus
Bartosz Kwiatkowski, General Director, POGP
Bartosz Kwiatkowski
General Director, POGP
Mark Jones, Commercial Supply Manager, Dimeta
Mark Jones
Commercial Supply Manager, Dimeta
Jaafar Oklany, Deputy Commercial Director, Basrah Gas Company
Jaafar Oklany,
Deputy Commercial Director, Basrah Gas Company
Elena Madakbaş, LPS Supply Operation Specialist, Aygaz
Elena Madakbaş
LPS Supply Operation Specialist, Aygaz
Benoit Araman.
Benoit Araman
Managing Director, Oryx Gas Tanzania (An Oryx Energies Company)
Svetlana Babayeva
Svetlana Babayeva
Head of PR, Anardarah Petroleum

Conference Highlights

  • reduce risk

    Exciting Location

    The event takes place in the exciting LPG hub of Istanbul - opening the conference up to a wider range of global attendees.
  • accurate contract agreements

    Global connections

    Connect with the entire LPG value chain including refiners and producers, traders, distribution, petrochemicals markets, shipping and logistics and more.
  • Shake Hands

    Networking opportunities

    Do not miss the best timed networking event in the LPG calendar - at the start of contracting season.
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