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ARGUS West Africa Oil

The Argus West Africa Oil service brings clarity to previously opaque west African crude oil and refined products markets.

We provide daily prices for 26 west African crude grades and three types of refined products delivered to the region, alongside independent, timely news and analysis.

Argus has over 50 years of experience in oil market reporting. For this report, we have developed a robust methodology to shed light on the prices of crudes that rarely appear in the spot market, by cross-refering their refining values with those of similar, more transparently traded grades. The Argus West Africa Oil service is your vital tool for understanding these complex markets.


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Markets covered

Crude oil

  • Nigeria: Abo Blend, Akpo, Antan Blend, Asaramatoru, Ebok, Eremor, Ima, Obe, Okono Blend, Okoro, Okwori, Okwuibome, Oyo, Pennington Light, Ukpokiti, Yoho Light
  • Angola: Mondo, Palanca, Pazflor, Plutonio, Saturno, Saxi-Batuque
  • Congo (Brazzaville): N’Kossa
  • Cameroon: Kole Marine
  • Gabon: Rabi Light
  • Ghana: Ten

Refined products markets

  • Gasoline: Argus Eurobob delivered west Africa
  • Jet fuel: Jet/kerosine delivered west Africa
  • Gasoil: Gasoil 1,000ppm delivered west Africa

Key features

  • Daily pricing of 26 regionally produced west African crude oil grades
  • Daily calculated delivered price markers in west Africa for gasoline, jet fuel and gasoil
  • Independent, relevant news affecting the African energy markets every week
  • Robust, transparent methodology developed with the industry
  • Downloadable market data at your fingertips

Customers that benefit

The Argus West Africa Oil service brings clarity to the ever-changing crude and refined products markets in west Africa. Below are examples of how some clients use this service:

  • African national oil companies can keep informed of regional developments in the crude and refined products markets.
  • Refiners can track the price of various crude grades to make the best decisions about refinery input.
  • Product importers benefit from a new comparison price against which to monitor their imports of gasoline, diesel and heating oil.

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