AdBlue and DEF Monitor

ARGUS AdBlue® and DEF

The Argus AdBlue® and DEF service is the industry’s most comprehensive resource for the global AUS 32 (AdBlue, DEF, ARLA 32) market. It provides weekly reports with price assessments for Europe and North America, actionable insights on key market developments, real-time news and fundamentals analysis on supply, demand, and trade for Europe, North America, India and Brazil.

You can access all the content, prices and downloadable market data via our online platform, Argus Direct, our email service and our mobile apps.


What’s included?

The service comprises of a comprehensive weekly PDF report on the global DEF and AdBlue market and essential datasets covering supply and demand data for the key regions.

The report contains price assessments for Europe and North America, supported by market commentary and regular news updates.

Weekly price assessments included:

  • Europe (Germany bulk AdBlue fot: North, South and average)
  • North America (US bulk DEF fot: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles and Philadelphia)

Our price methodology can be read here.



The datasets containing fundamentals data for global AdBlue and DEF markets feature monthly demand for Europe, North America, India and Brazil, including Argus’ forecast for current year consumption. These estimates are explained through fundamentals demand on vehicle sales, diesel sales and SCR fleet for each of these key markets.


Key benefits

  • Stay on top of industry news and major developments
  • Access critical, hard-to-obtain AUS 32 pricing data
  • Follow supply chain developments in the AdBlue, DEF and ARLA 32 markets
  • Discover new markets and opportunities


Key features

  • Developments in the AUS 32 supply chain in Europe, North America and Brazil, through primary research and interactions with the market
  • Key industry news and developments
  • AdBlue, DEF and ARLA 32 demand in Europe, North America, Brazil and India
  • AUS 32 supply and retail network
  • Informative maps, charts and data

AdBlue® is a registered trademark of the VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie). VDA offers further information on its website.

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