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The Argus Nitrogen service is the industry’s most comprehensive resource for immediate, uninterrupted nitrogen market intelligence. Our global service provides daily and weekly price assessments, as well as real-time market news, expert commentary and actionable insight on key market developments, spot deals, international trade.

You can access all the content, prices and downloadable market data via our online platform Argus Direct which includes access to our Workspaces data visualisation tool, our email service and our mobile apps.

Argus Workspaces – a powerful data visualisation tool

Argus Workspaces is designed to help you analyse commodity markets more effectively, saving you time and enabling faster decision making. Build your own dashboard or use our editorially curated ‘markets’ pages – watch demonstration below:


Daily nitrogen price assessments

Following deep consultation with the market and rigorous work within Argus’ nitrogen editorial team, an exciting initiative to deliver daily nitrogen price assessments was launched in January 2020. These daily price assessments are included as part of the Argus Nitrogen service and provide unique benefits:

  • Greater certainty: Increased price frequency gives you immediate clarity for volatile markets
  • Lower risk: Additional data points ensure your business calculations are more robust
  • Smarter outcomes: Daily data powers the most sophisticated data analysis and algorithmic trading tools
  • Increased confidence: We give you the largest editorial team with the greatest geographical reach and most rigorous methodological adherence

The daily prices assessed are: Prilled: China fob; Granular: Egypt fob; Brazil cfr; and Nola (US Gulf) fob $/st.


Daily and weekly PDF reports

Daily and weekly publications are included as part of the Argus Nitrogen service, offering price assessments for all the key nitrogen products in export and destination markets, as well as market-moving news and valuable commentary.


Markets covered

  • Prilled urea (including Baltic fob and China fob)
  • Granular urea (including Middle East fob; Egypt fob; Nola (US Gulf) fob $/st; and Brazil cfr)
  • Ammonium sulphate (including China fob capro grade and Brazil cfr capro grade)
  • Ammonium nitrate (including Baltic fob)
  • UAN (including Black Sea fob)

Key features

  • Regular news and analysis from our teams based in all regions across the world
  • Spot price comparison, freight economics, arbitrage opportunity analyses
  • Natural gas prices (Henry Hub and TTF month ahead)
  • Summary of key deals for the week
  • Producer commitment analysis
  • A forward 30- to 60-day outlook
  • Key export and import data, and analysis of stock levels in key markets

Argus proprietary datasets

  • Nitrogen spot deals
  • European urea imports
  • Ammonium sulphate exports
  • Ammonium sulphate imports
  • UAN solutions imports
  • UAN solution exports
  • Vessel line-ups
  • Historic trade data

Customers that benefit

Argus Nitrogen subscribers include, but are not limited to: fertilizer producers, trading companies, importers and distributors, buying agencies, financial institutions, logistics companies, co-operatives, government agencies and agronomists around the world.

Below are examples of how some clients use this service:

  • Producers and suppliers leverage Argus fertilizer for transfer pricing and to index contracts for the processing, procurement and selling of raw materials and finished products
  • Traders use our intelligence to identify arbitrage opportunities and to negotiate and carry out deals and contracts
  • Procurement teams manage their plans and analyse past performance with our insight
  • Industry analysts create robust analysis of a firm’s competitive landscape, revenue performance and possible investment analysis
  • Governments use our price assessments for benchmarking, taxation and valuation processes
  • Financial institutions leverage our fertilizer pricing and analysis to support financing processes for agri-businesses, manufacturers and independent investment projects
  • Wholesalers sell large quantities of fertilizers to farmers and retail outlets, and depend on our price assessments and market data, including transportation and logistical information
  • Co-ops and retailers rely on our fertilizer pricing and market assessments for price negotiations in the distribution of products through domestic retail outlets

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