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The Argus NPKs service is your reliable and proven source for global NPK market intelligence and independent, highly accurate reporting on prices, the latest deals and market moving news.

The service enables market participants to make informed business decisions through:

  • Independent, highly accurate weekly price assessments
  • Up-to-date and timely reporting on international trade, global market developments and consequent price movements
  • Insightful commentary and actionable insight from our NPKs market experts
  • Powerful online tools, dashboards and proprietary data

Selection of key grades covered

  • 15-15-15  |  15-15-15 (SOP)  |  15-15-15 (blend)  |  16-16-16  |  10-26-26  |  20-20-0+13S  |  16-20-0+13S  |  12-46-0+7S  |  17-17-17 (blend)
  • New – Argus Water-Soluble Fertilizers monthly supplement included: Argus NPKs subscribers also receive the Argus Water-Soluble Fertilizer monthly supplement – the industry’s only source of pricing data on the fast-growing water soluble fertilizers market. 

Key features

  • Key NPKs price assessments
  • Regular news, commentary and analysis from our teams on the ground in key markets and regions across the world
  • Forward-looking analysis including a 30 to 60-day outlook
  • Detailed table on African tenders
  • NPK compound and blend price comparison
  • Summary of latest deals and related nutrients markets
  • Dry bulk fertilizers freight assessments
  • New NPK capacity, new planned NPK projects
  • Argus Water-Soluble Fertilizers monthly supplement included
  • Market-appropriate methodology
  • Key export and import data, and analysis of stock levels in key markets
  • Extensive use of graphics, maps and visuals to improve digesting of key information
  • Powerful online tools and dashboards

Argus proprietary datasets included

  • US potash trade flow
  • Brazilian MOP exports
  • Indian MOP imports
  • Historic trade data

Benefits of choosing Argus

  • Robust methodology providing fair and accurate pricing information
  • Compliance and auditing to ensure reliability
  • Global editorial coverage, with reporters on the ground in key markets, the US, Russia, Brazil, India, southeast Asia, China and more

Customers that benefit

Argus NPKs subscribers include, but are not limited to: fertilizer producers, trading companies, blenders, importers and distributors, buying agencies, financial institutions, logistics companies, co-operatives, government agencies, associations and agronomists around the world.

  • Producers and suppliers leverage Argus fertilizer for transfer pricing and to index contracts for the processing, procurement and selling of raw materials and finished products
  • Traders use our market intelligence to identify arbitrage opportunities and to negotiate and carry out deals and contracts
  • Procurement teams manage their plans and analyse past performance with our insight
  • Industry analysts create robust analysis of a firm’s competitive landscape, revenue performance and possible investment analysis
  • Governments use our price assessments for benchmarking, taxation and valuation processes
  • Financial institutions leverage our fertilizer pricing and analysis to support financing processes for agri-businesses, manufacturers and independent investment projects
  • Wholesalers sell large quantities of fertilizers to farmers and retail outlets, and depend on our price assessments and market data, including transportation and logistical information
  • Co-ops and retailers rely on our fertilizer pricing and market assessments for price negotiations in the distribution of products through domestic retail outlets

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We would be happy to offer you more information about our paid services. Argus produces information and services for global markets, which requires Argus to share your personal information with Argus group companies and service providers that are based both within and outside of the European Economic Area (EEA). Argus Media may use the details submitted to send you information about related Argus products and services which may be of interest to your business. You can unsubscribe from these updates at any time. We manage your personal data in accordance with our privacy policy.

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