Argus Monthly Ammonia Outlook


The Argus NPKs service is your reliable and proven source for market intelligence and independent, highly accurate information on the latest deals and prices in the global NPKs market. This service is the first of its kind and provides readers with up-to-date, intelligent information about the international trade of NPKs, amid tremendous growth in this sector. It includes global industry news and insightful commentary to enable market participants to make informed business decisions.

Researched and published by our dedicated team of experts, the service offers news on key NPK trade flows and data on Russian exports and Ukrainian imports.

Key grades assessed

  • 15-15-15
  • 15-15-15 (SOP)
  • 15-15-15 (blend)
  • 16-16-16
  • 10-26-26
  • 20-20-0+13S
  • 16-20-0+13S
  • 12-46-0+7S
  • 17-17-17 (blend)

Please note our coverage includes other grades.


Key features

  • Detailed table on African tenders
  • Key import and export market commentary
  • NPK compound and blend price comparison
  • Supply, demand and price updates
  • Summary of latest deals and related nutrients markets
  • Global agricultural and market news
  • Dry bulk fertilizers freight assessments
  • New NPK capacity, new planned NPK projects
  • Downloadable market data including African NPK tenders, Indian NPK imports, Ukrainian NPK imports and Russian NPK exports
  • Extensive use of graphics, maps and visuals to improve digesting of key information

Benefits of choosing Argus

  • Robust methodology providing fair and accurate pricing information
  • Compliance and auditing to ensure reliability
  • Global editorial coverage with reporters on the ground in key markets: US, Brazil, India, Far East and more

Customers that benefit

NPKs market continues to grow and account for a larger share of global fertilizer sales, anyone with exposure to the global NPK market will find the Argus NPKs service essential reading. These include fertilizer producers, agriculture co-operatives, agricultural associations, trading companies, importers and distributors, financial institutions and private buyers. Below are examples of how some clients use this service:

  • Producers and trading companies leverage Argus fertilizer pricing in the procurement of raw materials for blending. Traders involved in the buying and selling of fertilizers use our price assessments when carrying out trades and contracts. Argus price assessments provide domestic and international businesses with reliable information to make confident business decisions.
  • Banks leverage Argus fertilizer pricing and analysis as they provide financing to businesses supporting the advancement of the agri-business.

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