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ARGUS Sulphur

The Argus Sulphur service is your reliable and proven source for global sulphur market intelligence, providing independent, highly accurate daily and weekly price assessments and essential coverage of the latest deals and market moving news.

The service enables market participants to make informed business decisions by delivering up-to-date intelligence on international trade in sulphur, insightful commentary and timely coverage of global market developments and consequent price movements.

Trusted as a transparent source of key prices for industrial and fertilizer sulphur markets, the service includes 12 key sulphur contract price ranges, both monthly and quarterly, as well as 13 sulphur spot price ranges. The pricing is leveraged in formulas for actual contract pricing for spot and term deals and is an important reference for price negotiations.

New: Daily price assessments

Following deep consultation with the market and rigorous work within the Argus global editorial team, an exciting new initiative to deliver daily sulphur price assessments is now included as part of the Argus Sulphur service. This daily publication — Argus Sulphur Daily — offers unique benefits, including:

Greater certainty: Increased price frequency gives you immediate clarity for volatile markets.
Lower risk: Additional data points ensure your business calculations are more robust.
Smarter outcomes: Daily data powers the most sophisticated data analysis and algorithmic trading tools.
Confident approach: We give you access to the largest editorial team with the greatest geographical reach and most rigorous methodological adherence.

The daily sulphur prices assessed are: China cfr granular $/t | China domestic (ex-works) Yn/t

Markets covered

  • Formed sulphur, both granular and prilled
  • Crushed lump sulphur
  • Molten/liquid sulphur

Key features

  • Key sulphur industry price assessments (12 sulphur contract price ranges —monthly and quarterly — and 13 spot price ranges)
  • Regular news, commentary and analysis from our teams based in all regions across the world
  • Forward-looking analysis including a 30 to 60-day outlook
  • Freight trends
  • Market-appropriate methodology
  • Key export and import data, and analysis of stock levels in key markets
  • Extensive use of graphics, maps and visuals to help digest key information

Argus proprietary datasets

  • Key Sulphur delivers to Jorf Lasfar and Safi Ports
  • European Covid-19 related sulphur supply curtailments
  • Sulphur vessels loading at Ruwais port
  • Rail shipments of Russian and Kazakh sulphur
  • Sulphur deliveries to Indian ports
  • Sulphur shipments from Ust Luga port
  • Sulphur spot deals

Benefits of choosing Argus

  • Robust methodology providing fair and accurate pricing information
  • Compliance and auditing to ensure reliability (externally through PWC)
  • Global editorial coverage, with reporters on the ground in key markets, the US, Russia, Brazil, India, southeast Asia, China and more

Customers that benefit

The Argus Sulphur service is essential reading for players connected to the international sulphur market, in both the fertilizer and non-fertilizer industries. These include producers, end-users, shippers, traders, planners, analysts, finance officers and government departments.

Below are examples of how some clients use this service:

  • Fertilizer market participants use sulphuric acid for the production of phosphate fertilizers and are dependent on our international sulphur and sulphuric acid market reports and pricing analysis.
  • Phosphate-producing companies either buy sulphur and produce sulphuric acid, or simply buy sulphuric acid. Ammonium sulphate companies require sulphuric acid to make their product.
  • Petroleum refineries rely on our market reports and pricing analysis when they sell sulphur that is a by-product of crude oil refining. Sulphuric acid is used to wash out impurities in gasoline and other refinery products in petroleum refining.
  • Sulphuric acid producers are interested in the report as it allows them to track the feedstock sulphur market and the sulphuric acid market.
  • Traders of sulphur and sulphuric acid rely on our service for market intelligence.

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