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ARGUS Sulphuric Acid

The Argus Sulphuric Acid service is your trusted and insightful source for weekly intelligence about global sulphuric acid and its related markets.

This essential service provides key global price assessments and analysis for sulphuric acid used in the fertilizer and industrial markets. Produced by our dedicated global team of experts, the service publishes 13 spot and contract price assessments, as well as analysis and commentary on market developments, sales and trade statistics. It includes information detailing global sulphuric acid plant shutdowns and spot freight rate indications for 11 key trade routes.

The service’s fundamentals section analyses the impacts of metals and sulphur supply, and demand from leaching projects and the fertilizer sector.

Key features

  • Market pricing and commentary for 13 spot and contract pricing hubs
  • Import/export statistics and shipping data
  • Fundamental analysis and updates on global sulphuric acid plant shutdowns
  • Freight assessments for key seaborne routes, including spot rate indications for 11 key trade routes
  • Market-appropriate methodology
  • Downloadable sulphuric acid market data, including global plant shutdowns and curtailments, South Korean exports, Japanese exports, US trade data, Brazilian trade data, European trade data, the Indian vessel line-up and the Jorf Lasfar vessel line-up
  • Extensive use of graphics, maps and visuals to improve accessibility of key information

Benefits of choosing Argus

  • Robust methodology providing fair and accurate pricing information
  • Compliance and auditing to ensure reliability
  • Global editorial coverage with reporters on the ground in key markets, including the US, Brazil and India

Customers that benefit

The Argus Sulphuric Acid service is essential reading for all players in the global sulphuric acid market. Below are examples of how some clients use this service:

  • Fertilizer producers depend on international sulphuric acid market reports and pricing analysis, as sulphuric acid is an important component in phosphate fertilizer production. Sulphuric acid is also used in ammonium sulphate and NPK (nitrogen, phosphate and potash) production.
  • Sulphuric acid producers, including metals smelters and sulphur burners, use the report to track global price movements and trade flows and to evaluate new opportunities. The report provides valuable data to assist decision making.
  • Sulphuric acid traders rely on vital and timely insight to assist trading decisions. The report tracks real-time vessel movements and provides up-to-date news on new sales and supply and demand disruptions.
  • Industrial users and mining operators utilising acid leach processes use the report to understand prices and trade flows. Sulphuric acid is a key raw material for pulp and paper production, pigments, rubbers and specialty chemicals, and fuel additives among a wide variety of industrial uses.

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