Argus LNG Daily


Find the latest spot price assessments, market-moving news and comprehensive analysis in the Argus LNG Daily.

We are experts in providing a global perspective on the international LNG markets and offer accompanying market commentary to all industry news. We even feature price snapshots for US and European natural gas markets and global crude indexes.

Argus LNG Daily includes Europe’s first small-scale LNG price assessment with related coverage of LNG use in off-grid, bunkering and transport sectors. In addition, the service offers curated fundamentals data sets containing harder-to-reach information and the Bulletin Board provides a live feed of spot transactions and tenders.

Markets covered


  • Northeast Asia des (ANEATM) — Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China, including forward prices for up to one year ahead
  • China des
  • Northeast Asian LNG physical forward price assessment
  • Northeast Asia oil-linked des LNG prices based on a crude oil index common to long-term supply contracts
  • Japanese Crude Cocktail forward curve
  • India des
  • Southeast Asia des (ASEATM) - Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia
  • Middle East des
  • Middle East fob (Europe bound)
  • Middle East fob (Asia-Pacific bound)
  • Australia fob — North West Shelf, Pluto, Darwin
  • Australian gas hub prices — Wallumbilla gas month-ahead (AWX), Victoria gas month-ahead (AVX)


  • Argus Gulf coast, including forward prices for six months ahead
  • US Gulf coast fob LNG prices based on US export contracts linked to Henry Hub prices
  • West Africa fob (AWAFTM) — Angola, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon
  • Trinidad and Tobago fob
  • Atlantic basin fob
  • Northwest Europe fob (reload)
  • Iberian peninsula fob (reload)
  • Northwest Europe des
  • Northwest Europe small-scale free-on-truck LNG prices
  • Iberian peninsula des
  • Italy des
  • Turkey des
  • Greece des
  • Latin America — Brazil des, Argentina des, Mexico (Altamira) des, Mexico (Manzanillo) des, Chile des
  • Spot charter rates east of Suez and west of Suez for tri-fuel/dual-fuel diesel electric (DFDE/TFDE), steam turbine and two-stroke propelled vessels
  • Global freight rates, including for US Gulf coast-northeast Asia, US Gulf coast-northwest Europe, west Africa-northeast Asia, northwest Europe-northeast Asia, Gladstone-Tokyo

Key features

  • Daily commentaries and forward-looking analysis of market fundamentals
  • Spot cargo supply and demand
  • Key shipping movements
  • Forward pricing
  • Crude price snapshots
  • Gas-oil comparisons
  • LNG netbacks correlated by producer and consuming market
  • Latest estimated LNG distribution by destination
  • Bulletin Board providing a live feed of spot transactions and tenders
  • Downloadable fundamentals data facilitating research into global supply demand balances and infrastructure

Customers that benefit

The Argus LNG Daily service is an essential source of information for those seeking the latest in global LNG news and analysis. Below are examples of how some clients use this service:

  • Traders use our LNG services to stay informed of the latest supply and demand trends and to respond quickly to changes. We offer snapshot overviews of global prices, as well as detailed charts covering all major aspects of the LNG market including supply, shipping and freight.
  • Analysts needing to stay on top of all key developments in the LNG market find our report an invaluable source of information.
  • Researchers involved in the LNG industry value our detail-oriented market insight for a clear vision into the global markets. Our news and commentary offer the insight our clients need.

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