ARGUS Natural Gas Americas

Argus Natural Gas Americas is your trusted daily service for the latest natural gas market news, prices, data and trends.

The service provides daily prices, news and analysis on more than 120 hubs and over 90 bid week index calculations each month. This daily service helps you determine:

  • How much to pay for gas
  • Existing gas availability
  • Capacity trends
  • Constraints on the pipeline grid

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Argus has completed an audit for US natural gas indexes. To request a copy of the audit, click here.

Argus on-demand webinar: Intraday Natural Gas Prices in the PJM Interconnection
Hear David Givens, Head of Natural Gas and Power Services explain how Argus intraday prices work and provide valuable insight into the new economics of PJM natural gas-fired dispatch.
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Markets covered

The North American natural gas network is increasingly interconnected. Changing supply and demand patterns enable traders to access gas across the continent, and transport it reliably and cheaply by pipeline.

Our indexes are based on gas delivered at more than 100 hubs, zones, specific interconnection point or other well-defined regions of the pipeline system and gas distribution grids. To provide the most accurate view of natural gas availability, we index at major connection hubs and limited segments of interstate pipeline systems.

A few important hubs are listed below. A complete description of all markets covered by Argus is available here in our methodology.

  • Appalachia: Dominion South Point, TETCO M-2 Receipts
  • Northeast: Algonquin Citygates, Transco zone 6 NY
  • Louisiana/Southeast: Henry Hub, Transco zone 4
  • East Texas: Houston Ship Channel (all), Katy hub
  • South Texas: NGPL South Texas zone, TGP zone 0 South
  • Midcontinent: ANR Oklahoma, Panhandle Oklahoma Mainline
  • Upper Midwest: Chicago citygates, REX zone 3
  • Rockies: Opal, PGE Citygates
  • Canada: Dawn, Ontario; NIT/AECO
  • Southwest: SoCal Gas Co, Waha
  • Mexico

Key features

  • Identify what is moving the market and the short-dated outlook
  • Verify fundamentals that are driving physical gas futures markets
  • Learn where gas is constrained from moving in the east, Gulf coast, midcontinent, west and at citygate locations throughout the country
  • Understand how gas storage inventories drive the forward price curve
  • Get coverage of Mexico, including weekly news and updates about infrastructure projects

Customers that benefit

The Argus Natural Gas Americas service is essential reading for those involved in gas production, distribution and consumption. Below are examples of how some clients use this service:

  • Exploration and production companies use Argus’ indexes to settle spot and long-term sales contracts, and to determine potential drilling profitability.
  • Local distribution companies and utilities issue requests for proposals for long-term gas based on Argus’ indexes. These market representative prices can justify purchasing decisions to any state regulator.
  • Gas processors continually weigh the value of flowing pipeline gas downstream or having it fractionated into natural gas liquids (NGLs).
  • Storage operators need to know how to price their services over many injection and withdrawal cycles, to determine how they price storage to customers.
  • Marketing companies rely on the accuracy of Argus’ indexes to originate long-term purchase and sale contracts, and capture significant value over large volumes.
  • Large industrial companies and power generators need a fixed price for fuel inputs to be able to secure customers or clear the power market as a whole.
  • Pipeline companies need reliable indexes to settle cash-outs for gas imbalances each month, as well as to price customer capacity release transactions. The indexes for both purposes are cited clearly in their tariffs and on their websites.

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