Europe is moving to E10 as the standard for regular grade gasoline. Stay ahead of the curve by moving your gasoline pricing to Argus non-oxy (E10). As of, 1 January 2024, Argus has changed the Eurobob oxy (E5) index to a premium or discount to the non-oxy (E10) benchmark. The non-oxy (E10) price will continue to be based on a volume-weighted average of spot market transactions.

EU-wide targets driven from mandates such as the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive, have increased the need for ethanol-blended gasoline across Europe. In most European countries, gasoline must now contain either up to 5pc or 10pc ethanol. Due to its higher bioethanol content, E10 gasoline is being rolled out across more countries in Europe as a means for governments and companies to help meet greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions targets.

Argus Eurobob gasoline barge spread

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