ARGUS Marine Fuels Outlook

Argus Marine Fuels Outlook is a unique monthly report bringing valuable insights from the conventional and alternative marine fuel markets together in one place.

  • Inform your business strategy with independent, global 2-year price and supply/demand forecasts for conventional and alternative marine fuels
  • Contrast the changing near-term competitiveness of alternative versus conventional marine fuels as global supply rises
  • Understand what’s driving expected global price trends with expert market commentary and analysis
  • Assess the impact of EU ETS costs on Europe’s conventional and alternative marine fuel prices
  • Manage risk and identify opportunity by staying up to date on regulatory change and what it means for your business


Markets covered

The report provides regionally-specific coverage, including price forecasts and market analysis, supply and demand fundamentals and regulatory updates. All key marine fuels are covered, from conventional bunker fuel to alternative, sustainable fuels.

Marine Fuel Map

Prices and markers for LNG, marine biofuel blends, grey methanol and grey ammonia are published in VLSFO and MGO energy equivalents, allowing a fair comparison across alternative marine fuel options and to conventional bunkers. Marine biofuel blend, conventional marine fuel and crude prices are also published in $/t.

Key features

  • Two-year, monthly price forecasts
  • Regionally focused market commentary explaining forecast trajectory
  • Supply and demand fundamentals analyses for all regions
  • Regulatory updates impacting marine fuel demand
  • Coverage of investments in new vessels and port infrastructure

Customers that benefit

Argus Marine Fuels Outlook enables its users to make key strategic decisions armed with trusted data and insight.

  • Shipowners: use price forecasts and analysis to inform on fuel procurement and vessel investment decisions.
  • Bunker suppliers: get a view on prices to support buying and selling strategies, as well as product and customer diversification.
  • Fuel producers: inform optimisation decisions and evaluate the marine sector as an outlet for new fuels.
  • Port authorities: use insights to inform on changing infrastructure need and investment plans.
  • Banks and financial institutions: analyse independent price data and market commentary to verify investments.

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