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The Argus Key Netbacks service is a daily summary in Russian of netbacks for crude, gasoline, naphtha, diesel, jet fuel, VGO, fuel oil, LPG, benzene, methanol, MTBE, petroleum coke and Group I base oils for Russia’s major producers. Netbacks are calculated for pipeline, rail and river shipments to all key destinations.

Russia is the largest exporter of crude and oil products, so domestic pricing often depends on global prices for crude and oil products. Such netback methodology is used in trade and state regulation in the oil products markets of many countries.

Argus calculates netbacks based on the exporter’s key costs. The calculations use market assessments of crude and oil products transportation and transshipment to export destinations for standard cargoes that meet the requirements of Argus’ methodologies.

The report covers most of key destinations.


  • Netbacks for a wide range of oil products;
  • Netbacks for niche oil products (base oils, petroleum coke, petrochemicals);
  • Netbacks for LPG;
  • Detailed netbacks published since 2012;
  • Netbacks are calculated for shipments by rail, pipeline and river during the navigation period;
  • A monthly historical calculation of netbacks for diesel and gasoline taking into account the damping components, excise duties and VAT;
  • The service also includes calculations for combined transportation using several modes of transport;
  • The online version of the service available on the Argus Direct platform allows exporting the historical values of both the indexes and specific transportation costs in Excel format.

Markets covered

  • Fuel oil;
  • Diesel;
  • Gasoline;
  • Naphtha;
  • Jet and kerosine;
  • Petrochemicals: methanol, benzene, MTBE; 
  • LPG: propane, butane, propane-butane mix;
  • Base oils;
  • Petroleum coke.

Key features

  • Assessed fob/dap/ddu/cpt prices;
  • Full transportation and transshipment costs for crude and oil products, LPG, petrochemicals for various export destinations, including lease of rolling stock;
  • Netbacks for key export destinations;
  • Taxes on oil products trade in Russia.

Customers that benefit

  • Oil companies, producers and refiners use the information contained in the report to analyse the profitability of exports, choose the best export destinations and substantiate their prices for government regulators;
  • Traders use the information to research the market and choose the best export destinations;
  • Analysts, consultants and banks use the data to analyse the market environment and produce forecasts;
  • Government authorities use the information to regulate prices for crude and oil products for taxation purposes.

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