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About ARGUS Direct®

The Argus Direct platform is the premium way to access our reports, prices, market insight, fundamentals data and news. It ensures users are kept on top of fast-changing markets, wherever they are.

The Argus Direct platform is fully customisable and provides access to: 

  • Publications: Access your reports and historical publications
  • Prices: Customise your key prices, export current and historical data, and get a quick overview of historical trends
  • Charts: Create outright charts to compare different markets and create spread charts to monitor arbitrage opportunities
  • News and analysis: Key stories are highlighted and filters let you select the most relevant topics and regions
  • Search function: Find publications, prices and articles quickly
  • Alerts: Receive alerts on key prices and articles as soon as they are published through mobile and email
  • Data and downloads: Get instant access to your fundamentals data

The intuitive interface is easy to set up and customers can quickly build a customised dashboard. This provides the instant ability to amend and add charts, alter the price history displayed and change the currency, as well as set up news feeds.

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The Argus Alerts app

The Argus Alerts app provides immediate access to market moving news, intelligent analysis and robust price assessments.

The app enables Argus Direct subscribers to set preferences to receive updates on prices, news and Bulletin Board transactions. Argus Alerts appears as a list of alerts about content published by Argus Media. New alerts will automatically appear in this list as soon as they are published. You can choose what information you receive via your settings.

What's new in this version:

  • Increased history: Users now have the ability to scroll to the bottom of the page to load historical entries.
  • Notification fixes for Prices, News and Bulletin Boards: Push notifications are now working for News, Prices and Bulletin Boards across iOS and Android. Users now also have the ability to turn off push notifications to their device, but continue to receive in app updates. This functionality was reported to us by users who wished to use the app, but did not want the high frequency of notifications.
  • UI enhancements
  • Support for iOS 12

Download the Argus Alerts App from the Apple App Store for iOS devices or from Google Play.

Argus Alerts app

Additionally, we offer Argus Direct for Spreadsheets and the Argus Publications App to give you more ways to access and use our information.

ARGUS Direct user guide

This user manual will help you navigate around Argus Direct and understand the different features available.

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