About FIS

FIS offers a comprehensive energy and commodity trading and risk management (ETRM) system and energy trading software for credit risk management, market data, accounting and treasury that can help you succeed in this complex market.

FIS Market Data Suite (formerly MarketMap)

Market Data Suite provides a full breadth of decision-support information for trading, market analysis, research, risk management, portfolio management and asset management. Through its flexible data delivery mechanisms, Market Data Suite’s solutions and managed data offerings can either be hosted in FIS data centres or deployed on-premise for managing, distributing and displaying market data. Highly scalable and cost effective technology, sophisticated usage reports help organisations monitor and control data costs in real-time. Market Data Suite integrates seamlessly with many other FIS solutions.

FIS Energy Trading, Risk and Logistics Platform (formerly Aligne)

The FIS Energy Trading, Risk and Logistics platform (formerly Aligne) brings together data for gas and power, weather, emissions, coal, fuels, refined products, LNG, FX and derivatives into their customizable HTML 5 interface. With the FIS Energy Trading, Risk and Logistics Platform you are able to access all your relevant data into one easy-to-use and customizable solution.

Our Partnership

By bringing together Argus’ data, insight and analysis with the powerful management of FIS’s Market Data Suite, our clients can unlock the potential in their business, giving you access to help you navigate, chart and analyze real time energy market data.