ZE Power

About ZE Power

ZE is an experienced data management and strategic consulting firm that combines energy and commodities industry expertise with advanced software development capability. The company possesses deep industry knowledge and comprehensive operational experience.

ZE has developed the award-winning ZEMA™ Platform. This sophisticated enterprise data management and analytics solution is built to meet the specific challenges of energy, commodity, mining, agriculture and shipping market participants. ZEMA replaces fragmented data collection and analysis processes with a sophisticated, unified and automated data management and analytics system.

ZEMA Platform

The ZEMA platform makes it easy for you to extract and use data throughout your organisation. It is the ideal analytical solution for operational staff, executives, front-, mid-, and back-office personnel. ZEMA’s analytical and data collection capabilities are continually expanding to meet client needs.

ZEMA experts provide critical market insight and technical capability to derive the maximum benefit from ZEMA. Whether it’s generating strategic business cases, automating manual business processes, or developing complex forward curves or forecasts, ZE’s Business Solutions group is ready.

Our Partnership

By combining the strength and depth of Argus’ data, insight and analysis with the advanced data management and analytics capabilities of the ZEMA Platform, our clients are able to realise the potential of their organisation.