The Argus AdBlue and DEF service is your reliable and proven source of global AUS 32 (AdBlue, DEF, ARLA 32) market intelligence. The service provides independent, highly robust and relied upon reporting of prices, the latest market-moving news and deals, valuable market commentary and actionable insight. 

We empower market participants to make informed business decisions through:

  • Independent, highly robust and relied upon weekly price assessments
  • Up-to-date and timely reporting on international trade, global market developments and consequent price movements
  • Insightful and actionable commentary from our market experts
  • Powerful online tools, dashboards and proprietary data

Key features


Key global weekly AdBlue and DEF price assessments

Industry-leading independent and highly robust weekly AdBlue and DEF price assessments including AdBlue bulk (Germany), DEF bulk (US), granular urea and technical-grade prilled urea


Unrivalled methodology

Argus AdBlue and DEF is underpinned by the most robust, transparent and credible market-appropriate methodology, developed with the industry to ensure our price assessments are a true reflection of how the markets trade


Market-moving news and insightful commentary

Argus AdBlue and DEF provides regular news, commentary and analysis from our expert teams of editors and reporters based across all the key regions in the world


Fundamentals data and insight

Datasets provided containing fundamentals data for global AdBlue and DEF markets feature monthly demand for Europe, North America, India and Brazil, including Argus’ forecast for current year consumption


Proprietary data

The Argus AdBlue and DEF service also includes access to comprehensive proprietary data including demand for AdBlue (Europe, India), DEF (North America), ARLA 32 (Brazil), and producer data (DEF and AGU)

Customers that benefit

Market participants with exposure to the AdBlue, DEF or ARLA 32 markets will find the Argus AdBlue and DEF service essential. Below are examples of clients that use this service:
  • Producers and suppliers  

  • Fleet operators and logistics

  • Traders 

  • Energy and utilities companies

  • Logistics

  • Procurement teams

  • Industry analysts 

  • Governments 

  • Financial institutions including bankers and investors 

  • Wholesalers