Argus Latin Energy Markets provides an insightful source of news, data and analysis on the Latin American crude, refined products, biofuels, and energy transition sectors.

Published weekly, this service provides price assessments for some of the most actively traded crude, refined products, ethanol, and LPG markets, as well as insights on developing trends through industry news and spot market commentaries.

Key features


Energy prices

A comprehensive list of more than 40 price assessments for actively traded energy commodities.


Global analysis

Analysis of supply, demand, production, prices and other trends in global hydrocarbon and energy transition markets.


Capacity and new projects

Capacity data, new projects, and participants in the hydrocarbons sector.


Auction update

Refined products auction update.


Transition policies

Market data and analysis on the expansion of transitional energies and decarbonization strategies by the largest countries in Latin America.


Analysis of electric mixes

Information on electricity generation in the largest economies of Latin America.

Customers that benefit

Latin America is in the middle of a radical transition as its production and demand patterns shift. The Argus Latin Energy Markets service offers an intelligent overview of the energy sector. Below are examples of how some clients use this service:
  • Oil companies

    Rely on our market assessments and analysis for price negotiations. In addition, they can identify energy transition trends that will affect their businesses.

  • Trading firms and investors

    Can keep up to date with trading strategies and the latest data and analysis on the Latin American crude and refined products sectors, as well staying informed about how government and industry developments will have an impact on these regional markets.
  • Clean energy investors

    Can identify opportunities to fund low-emissions energy projects in the region by analyzing government policies and economic conditions.

  • Refiners

    Can use our assessments to determine the most profitable production opportunities.