The Argus Russian Fertilizer service report features a short analysis of the international nitrogen, phosphates and potash market, including an analysis of Black Sea and Baltic export trading activity. Once every two weeks, our subscribers receive an overview of the Russian fertilizer market, including price data and analysis of price development. The information on Russia’s fertilizer market also contains an analysis of supply-demand balance, rail providers’ data on fertilizer shipments to key agricultural regions, as well as market participants’ comments.

The report regularly features overviews of the markets of commodities used for producing fertilizers, such as sulphur, as well as an analysis of the markets of leasing railcars to transport various types of fertilizers.

Moreover, each release of the Argus Russian Fertilizer service report contains calculations of export parity price indexes for fertilizer and sulphur producers in Russia and Kazakhstan, data on the tariffs for transit through the territories of neighbouring countries, Russian Railways’ (RZD) tariffs for transporting fertilizers across Russia, lease rates of various railcar types, fertilizer transshipment costs at Black Sea and Baltic ports, and other market indicators.

Key features


Russian price review

Price review of the Russian fertilizer market.


Key fertilizer price indicators

Flow charts of price indicators on key fertilizers on various delivery bases.


Production and projects

Information on new production and infrastructure projects in the industry.


Sulphur price assessments

Price assessments for sulphur in big bags on a cpt St Petersburg basis.


Sulphur market overview

Monthly overview of Russia’s sulphur market, including export loadings.


Fertilizer transportation

Overview of the market on rolling stocks for fertilizer transportation (published monthly).

Customers that benefit

The Argus Russian Fertilizers service is essential for anyone exposed to the Russian fertilizer market. Below are examples of how some clients use this service:
  • Fertilizer producers and suppliers in Russia, Belarus and central Asia

    Uses Argus assessments as price indicators to market their products, as well as for formula-based pricing.

  • Agricultural producers

    Relies on Argus price data when assessing potential costs for fertilizer procurement.

  • Transportation and logistics companies, stevedores and freight forwarders

    Uses Argus data to forecast the utilisation of their infrastructure and rolling stock load.

  • Banking and financial analysts

    Uses Argus information to evaluate the investment appeal of the industry and market players to build financial models.