The Argus Water-Soluble Fertilizer Strategy Report 2024 connects you with industry-leading water-soluble fertilizer market intelligence. The strategy report includes price forecasts to 2035 and 2040, demand forecasts to 2035, and in-depth analysis of supply, demand, costs, products and producers.

We empower water-soluble fertilizer market participants to make informed strategic business decisions through expert analysis of:

  • The drivers of demand and future growth
  • Producers, production process, product properties, capacity by region and plant
  • Consumption trends by region, country and application
  • Historical price and premiums
  • Historical raw material cost analysis (including cash cost curve for NOP)
  • Price forecasts

Key features


Price forecasts to 2035 and 2040

The strategy report includes price analysis and forecast to 2035 for Northwest Europe SOP premium (vs MOP), NOP Basis NW Europe cfr, and price forecast to 2040 for DAP 18-46 cfr India, Urea prilled cfr India, P2O5 ‘Soluble Premium’ India Basis


Demand forecasts to 2035

The strategy report includes demand analysis and forecasts to 2035, for volume growth by region and product, CAGR by region and product and also includes summary of 5-year forecast trends for selected countries


In-depth supply and demand analysis

The strategy report includes analysis of supply - production process, product properties, producer profiles, capacity, production, traded volumes, distribution practices and imports/exports by region. The report also includes analysis of supply – consumption by region, country and application


Pricing and cost analysis

The strategy report includes analysis of historical pricing, price premium vs bulk benchmarks, grade premiums analysis and in-depth cost analysis


Production process analysis

Production process described for all products, raw materials and production process comparison between different producers, commentary on novel production processes and analysis of water-soluble NPK raw materials and value chain


Product analysis

The strategy report includes analysis of application trends, physical properties, the link between product properties and price premium, water-soluble NPK grade


Capacity by region and plant

Comprehensive capacity list including producers of all straight products (over 60 plants included), forecast capacity additions and impact on supply/demand balance, producer profiles for all key players (including SQM, Compo, Evergrow, Prayon, OCP and Eurochem), commentary on company distribution practice and commercial agreements


Consumption: volume by region, country and application

Consumption by region and major country, consumption by application in selected countries (e.g. Fertigation vs foliar, greenhouse vs open-field, direct application vs NPK production)


Cost analysis

The strategy report includes analysis of historical raw material cost analysis (covering MAP: phosphoric acid, ammonia, MKP: phosphoric acid, MOP; MKP: phosphoric acid, KOH; NPK margin analysis) as well as a cash cost curve for NOP

Customers that benefit

Market participants with exposure to the water-soluble fertilizer market will find the Argus Water-Soluble Fertilizer Strategy Report essential.
Below are examples of clients that use this report:
  • Producers and suppliers  

  • Traders 

  • Energy and utilities companies

  • Shipping and port authorities

  • Procurement teams

  • Industry analysts 

  • Governments 

  • Financial institutions including bankers and investors 

  • Wholesalers 

  • Co-ops and retailers