Argus Monthly Phosphates Outlook

ARGUS Brazil Grains and Fertilizer

This essential service published in English and Portuguese offers detailed coverage and insight into Brazil’s fertilizer and grains markets, with over 70 key prices included.

Argus Brazil Grains and Fertilizer analyses trading opportunities, crop prices relative to key NPK blends, import trends and data on grains production and demand. We supplement our data and analysis with expert commentary on the latest market developments.

The service includes a weekly report which provides 17 truck freight route assessments for fertilizer and five assessments for grains delivered from Brazil’s largest producing state, Mato Grosso, to main transshipment and export channels.


Markets covered

  • Nitrogen, including urea, sulphates and nitrates
  • Phosphates, including MAP, DAP, TSP and SSP
  • Potash
  • NPKs
  • Phosphoric acid
  • Phosphate rock
  • Sulphur
  • Sulphuric acid
  • Freight and port costs
  • Soybean and corn fob prices differential to the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT)

Key features

  • Comprehensive market coverage and inland prices for the country’s main agricultural regions
  • 17 cfr Brazil prices
  • 11 domestic price assessments, including five benchmark NPKs
  • Port differentials: soybean Paranagua (paper market) and corn Santos/Tubarao (cargo market) waterborne fob in US cents/bushel as a differential to the CBOT futures settlement
  • 11 international freight assessments
  • Domestic logistics:
    • 17 road freight routes for fertilizers
    • 4 road freight routes for grains
    • Port cost assessments and vessel line-ups for seven major fertilizer terminals: Rio Grande, Paranagua, Sao Francisco do Sul, Santos, Vitoria, Aratu and Itaqui
    • Port cost assessments and vessel line-ups for 12 major grain terminals: Itacoatiara, Santana, Itaqui, Santarem, Barcarena, Salvador, Tubarao, Santos, Paranagua, Sao Francisco do Sul, Imbituba and Rio Grande
  • Brazilian barter system (agricultural products exchanged for NPKs)
  • Demand fundamentals applied to main agricultural products: soybean, corn, sugarcane, coffee and cotton
  • Eight settlements for soybean Paranagua (paper market) fob in US cents/bushel as a differential to the CBOT soybean futures settlement
  • Six settlements for corn Santos/Tubarao (cargo market) in US cents/bushel as a differential to CBOT corn futures
  • Exclusive news and analysis on market investments and strategy, mergers and acquisitions, output and crop performance, financial results, events and legislation updates

Customers that benefit

The Argus Brazil Grains and Fertilizer service comprehensively covers the Brazilian grains and fertilizer market. Below are examples of how some clients use this service:

  • International and domestic fertilizer producers benefit from Argus fertilizer pricing in the processing and procurement of raw materials and blending
  • Banks and trading companies use Argus fertilizer pricing and analysis as they provide financial resources to businesses supporting the advancement of agribusiness. Traders involved in buying and selling fertilizers use our price assessments when negotiating trades and contracts
  • Blenders, wholesalers, retailers and co-operatives rely on Argus price assessments and market data, including logistical costs, to sell large volumes of fertilizers to farmers and retail outlets
  • Grain exporters rely on Argus road freight rates for main export and transshipment routes to calculate destination and export parity prices
  • Trading companies and grain producers benefit from the port differential levels reported by an independent source

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