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What is Argus Spot Ticker?

What is Argus Spot Ticker?

Argus Spot Ticker tracks US fuel prices in real time — throughout the day across all markets.

The way you do business is changing. Rack average contracts — based on prior day prices — are quickly being displaced by spot linked contracts. Prices published at the end of the day are no longer enough.

You need to see the real market and you need to see it now. Argus has listened and developed a solution specifically for you…

Anticipate the market — not just follow it

See your end of day pricing decisions developing throughout the day in real time. Live prices and live spreads allow you to make better decisions. Understand the market sooner than your competitors.

Have confidence in market values

You need to optimize your buying and selling decisions and protect margins. You need multiple benchmarks throughout the day, so that you can communicate pricing. You need a comprehensive and visible market from a trusted, reliable and intelligent source. 

See your risks coming — before they arrive

You are exposed to market volatility, not just flat prices but prices between markets and between grades. You need news and analysis that is deep and comprehensive to explain this volatility.

Argus Spot Ticker -
make smarter decisions.

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Understanding RVP Transitions

Listen to this on-demand webinar as we take a deeper dive into how each US region moves from winter to summer grade gasoline specifications and know what to expect throughout 2016.

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