14 March - 16 March 2023
Sarawak, Malaysia

Asia Carbon Conference


The programme is currently in production. Continue to visit this page for regular updates and speaker announcements.

Key topics on the conference agenda will include:

  • A voluntary carbon offset introductory primer: what are they, how do they work and how might they impact Asia?
  • Keynotes from Government and industry participants from across Asia.
  • Navigating the ecosystem: project developers, retailers, brokers and consumers.
  • Financing carbon projects – what are the financing tools available? 
  • Review of standards that exist for validation and verification of carbon credits.
  • Carbon offsets vs carbon taxes: what’s the difference? 
  • Understand how high quality carbon offsets and allowances are bought and traded.
  • Case studies of how corporations can use carbon offsets – from aviation to shipping.
  • Updates on carbon capture technology.
For speaker opportunities and agenda enquires contact:

Isabelle Andrews
Conference Producer
Email: isabelle.andrews@argusmedia.com