24 March - 25 March 2021
Online event

Argus Green Ammonia Live - Virtual Conference

Gain insight into innovative green ammonia production and applications beyond the traditional market 

The Argus Green Ammonia virtual conference will provide key insights on the hottest topics in the development of the green ammonia market to date. The conference will provide an outlook on where the industry might be moving to within each of the fertilizer, bunker fuel and generation fuel sectors, providing a key perspective from the European point of view and developments seen globally.  

Argus’ positioning in the market at the cross-section of these sectors provides us with a unique opportunity to bring these markets together and forward the conversation on the rapidly evolving market for green ammonia and hydrogen, and their various end-use applications for decarbonising hard-to-abate industries. 


Event highlights


Come together with both regional and global regulators, key government and industry participants, to gain insight and clarity on timelines for market development for green ammonia and associated regulation. Join 12+ hours of interactive plenaries and panel discussion tailored to specific regions or spotlighting cross-regional challenges and opportunities.

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Form new partnership within a private, fully branded setting where your company can host regular group meetings with the right decision makers.

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Led by Argus experts or industry leaders forging the path in the development of the Green Ammonia market. Participate in key industry conversations around how this new market will play a role in the energy transition in the long term.


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