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The Argus Americas Crude service provides market information and price transparency to the rapidly growing US Gulf coast markets as well as to markets in the US midcontinent, US west coast, Canada, South America and other pricing centres in the Americas. Many of the price assessments in the Argus Americas Crude product are set by a volume-weighted average of deals done, and those deals are printed in tables within the report each business day. Argus reports the market in the way that it trades and seeks to represent the entire market and capture all its liquidity.


Americas Crude Summit 2024


Key regional prices

  • West Texas Intermediate (WTI) Midland, fob Houston and Houston
  • Mars
  • Western Canadian Select (WCS) Hardisty, Cushing and Houston
  • Bakken Clearbrook, DAPL injection points, Patoka, Cushing and Nederland
  • Canadian domestic assessments in Alberta, including WCS, Cold Lake and Christina Dilbit Blend (CDB) at Hardisty and Access Western Blend (AWB) at Edmonton
  • Canadian High-TAN in Cushing and Houston, reflecting AWB and CDB
  • DJ Light, a basket of light sweet grades from the DJ Basin, including White Cliffs, Saddlehorn Light, Grand Mesa Light and Pony Express Light
  • Ecuadorean Napo and Oriente
  • Medanito
  • AGS

Key features

  • Benchmark pricing at the US Gulf coast with basis on CME’s NYMEX Cushing light sweet futures contract
  • Delivered WTI pricing at Rotterdam, Northeast Asia, and Singapore
  • Crude deals done table
  • Historical data
  • Market-moving news
  • Market commentary explaining price movements
  • End-of-day summary report
  • Independent and transparent market-appropriate methodology

Customers that benefit

  • Traders
  • Risk managers
  • Planners
  • Analysts
  • Finance officers
  • Senior executives
  • Governments
  • Regulators
  • Tax authorities
  • National and international oil companies
  • Major refiners
  • Exchanges


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