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Argus Global Coke & Carbon Conference

Washington DC, US
18-20 September 2024
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18 September 2024

Networking drinks reception

17:00 - 19:00

Welcome to the Argus Global Coke and Carbon drinks reception sponsored by Bulk Trading

Location: Hilton Washington Pool Bar.

Open to all registered delegates, join your peers at this welcome drinks reception sponsored by Bulk Trading and begin the 2024 Argus Global Coke and Carbon Conference

19 September 2024

Morning registration and networking breakfast


Registration and breakfast

Morning workshop

09:00 - 09:50

Back to basics: Petroleum coke and carbon markets workshop

This introductory session is designed for those new to the petroleum coke industry and those looking to boost their fuel-grade and anode-grade knowledge with an in-person presentation from Argus market specialists.

The materials will be available to download post-event and you will be able to engage in a Q&A with Argus experts to get your most pressing questions answered.

Speakers Include:

Lauren Masterson

Editor – Energy Argus Petroleum Coke
Delaney Ramirez 180

Delaney Ramirez


Main conference begins

09:50 - 09:55

Conference producer's opening remarks

Speakers Include:

Avatar placeholder

Emily Harris

Conference Producer
09:55 - 10:00

Chairperson's opening remarks

Speakers Include:

Lauren Masterson

Editor – Energy Argus Petroleum Coke
10:00 - 10:30

The economist’s take: Making sense of a changing global macroeconomic landscape

• Understand the driving factors of current macroeconomic concerns such as soaring global inflation and high interest rates, conflict in Europe and the Middle East, the US debt crisis and more.
• How is de-dollarization impacting global trade, especially in key petroleum coke and carbon hubs such as Asia and Latin America?
• Looking to 2025 and beyond, what can we expect from the global energy markets?


Michael Cohen

Chief US Economist and Head of Oil and Refining
10:30 - 11:15

Argus presents: What is driving the global coke and carbon markets?

• What is the big picture outlook for global fuel-grade and anode-grade coke?  
• What are the main factors dictating the global coke markets and why are they so influential?  
• What can the market expect in terms of supply, demand, and pricing in 2024 and beyond?

Speakers Include:

Lauren Masterson

Editor – Energy Argus Petroleum Coke

Morning networking break

11:15 - 11:45

Morning networking break

Conference resumes

11:45 - 12:15

Latin America as a new production powerhouse? New coke capacity, rising exports, and shifting cargo routes

• How are trading patterns in Latin America evolving as both producers and buyers seek to secure cargo in timing and reliably efficient routes?
• What are they key drivers of Latin American coke production and consumption – could a weakening cement market affect demand or will this be met by other industries such as steel?
• Brazil saw their 2023 exports increase dramatically; will this continue into 2024? Could we also see rising exports from countries such as Mexico with new coke capacity in the future?

12:15 - 12:45

Argus presents: Making the choice between coke and coal as a feedstock

• How are changing market and sanction dynamics impacting global coal trade flows?
• How have seaborne coal and coke markets been affected by recent freight challenges in the Middle East and how has this impacted end-user industry fuel choices?
• What are the potential trends and challenges for the seaborne coal and petroleum coke markets?


Ajay Modi 300x300

Ajay Modi

Associate Editor - Solid Fuels

Lunch break

12:45 - 14:00

Networking lunch break

Battery materials: The destination for anode-grade coke

14:00 - 14:30

Increasing global demand, raw material pressures and a new market of opportunity: The global battery materials industry explained

• Understand the key opportunities and challenges faced by battery producers and the raw materials involved including sulphur, sulphuric acid, petroleum coke and more.
• Where does needle coke fit into the battery metals supply chain?
• How is growth in the global electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) production impacting demand for lithium-ion batteries (LIBs), and by extension coke?

14:30 - 15:15

Industry panel: How is the global carbon supply chain adapting to the increasing presence of battery materials as a demand centre?

• To what extent have the global trade flows for carbon been altered by the increasing buying patterns from battery material industries?
• How is this affecting the relationship between calciners, smelters and other traditional buyers of anode-grade coke?
• What opportunities does this present for the future of carbon as a key raw material for battery production in light of growing focus on EVs and other battery products?

Speakers Include:

Avatar placeholder

Haroldo Andrade

North America Commercial & Logistics Director
Unimetal Group


Lauren Masterson

Editor – Energy Argus Petroleum Coke

Afternoon networking break

15:15 - 16:00

Afternoon coffee and networking break

Interactive freight happy hour

16:00 - 17:00

Around the world in how many days? A conversation with leading freight analysts, brokers and shipowners

• Join this interactive happy hour session and get visibility on vessel and dry bulk cargo analytics, insights from brokers and shipowners on current market conditions and get your most pressing questions answered.
• To what extent are global trade disruptions such as conflict in Europe and the Middle East affecting the reliable transportation and delivery of petroleum coke across the globe?
• Will we ever see easing canal congestion hotspots like Panama and Suez?

Speakers Include:

Bobby Scott 300x300

Bobby Scott

Director of Business Development
Capes Shipping Agencies
Avatar placeholder

Mark Czarnecki

Chief Commercial Officer
M/G Transport Services LLC
Avatar placeholder

Robb Heath



Ross Griffith

Deputy Editor - Argus Dry Freight

Conference day one concludes


Chairperson's closing remarks

Speakers Include:

Lauren Masterson

Editor – Energy Argus Petroleum Coke
17:00 - 18:30

Networking drinks reception

20 September 2024

Morning registration and networking breakfast

08:00 - 09:00

Morning networking and breakfast

08:55 - 09:00

Chairperson's opening remarks

Main conference begins

09:00 - 09:45

Paving the way for the future: Low carbon cement technology, diversified feedstocks and the future of the global cement industry

• What legislation is being implemented across the globe that is driving the cement industry to become more sustainable, and how could this impact their choice of fuel?
• Understanding the fuels matrix – what are the biggest competitor fuels that the petroleum coke industry should be aware of and do these differ by production capacity and global presence?
• How are different cement companies approaching technology such as low carbon cement as a potential for the future whilst ensuring the high quality of their products?

Speakers include:

Rodrigo Santana

Rodrigo Santana

Procurement Manager
Ali Zidan 180

Ali Zidan

Head of Procurement
Arabian Cement Company
09:45 - 10:30

Carbon capture, storage, and utilisation: How are leading heavy industry players reducing their carbon footprints?

• With increasing sustainability pressures, how are heavy industries balancing continuing to meet global demand for their products with their decarbonisation goals?
• What different carbon capture and storage approaches are we seeing across the globe?
• Is there a one-size-fits-all answer, or will each industry have to tread its own path? What learnings can we share to increase the efficiency of decarbonisation strategies?

Morning networking break

10:30 - 11:00

Morning coffee and networking break

Aluminum markets and coal tar pitch

11:00 - 11:45

A bright new future for smelters – How is primary low-carbon aluminum production developing across the globe?

• Aluminum is a critical metal but the industry has faced challenges in recent years including curtailments and shutdowns – how could new technology such as low carbon aluminum boost this industry for the future?
• Is there any plans for a standardised definition of low-carbon aluminum? What could be the driver of this – policy, investment, or the industry themselves?
• What different pathways and technologies exist for the reduction of GHG emissions by the global aluminum industry?

11:45 - 12:30

The special ingredient for aluminum and steel production: Why is coal tar pitch so invaluable?

• Coal tar pitch (CTP) is a coal tar derivative which is mainly utilised as a binding material for the production of carbon anodes in the aluminum smelting processs, and is also vital for the graphite electrodes in electric arc furnaces used in steel production.
• What are the key differences between different pitches such as coal tar, petroleum pitch, refined and specialty pitches?
• What opportunities exist in the coal tar pitch market which is predicted to grow year on year well into the next decade?

Conference concludes

Conference concludes and grab and go lunch

Thank you for attending the Argus Global Coke and Carbon Conference 2024!