Argus European Group II base oil assessments capture the price of a minimum of 20 tonnes and reflects the latest changes in demand-supply fundamentals for the European market on a weekly basis. 
With stricter engine regulations in place, the European market is expected to switch consumption from Group I to more Group II and Group III base oils in the future, heightening the need for price transparency.  

This independent assessment is published in the weekly Argus Base Oils service.  

Price assessment details

What are the advantages of the Argus Base Oils Europe Group II fca ARA price assessment?

With Group I and Group II base oil trading dynamics expected to diverge because of differences in demand-supply fundamentals, it is crucial that the market uses the right price assessments to price contracts. Launched in 2013, the Argus Group II base oil assessments are more dynamic in capturing the latest changes in demand-supply fundamentals in the European market.

How is this assessment used?

The prices are used by importers, distributors oils, and both blenders importing from the US and Asia to supplement production from their domestic Group II plants in Europe, and blenders looking to purchase Group II base oils in Europe, helping to them identify arbitrage opportunities and reduce their risk exposure.