Carbon reduction mandates are being introduced globally and airlines looking to fulfill their environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) requirements will look to SAF to meet their needs.

Argus SAF (sustainable aviation fuel) assessments provide visibility into the true value of the fuel, with fair and reflective daily prices for this growing and increasingly important renewable fuel market.

Argus publishes a range of SAF prices for Europe:

  • SAF fob ARA range
  • SAF fob ARA less HBE-IXBs
  • SAF cif NWE

Price assessment details

What are the advantages of Argus European SAF price assessments? 

All Argus SAF assessments reflect real market activity and are based on market inputs gathered from a wide range of sources that participate in the physical market. The SAF assessments are also underpinned by robust HVO and renewable feedstocks assessments, with all four RED HVO Classes and RED used cooking oil (UCO) fob ARA range assessments trading in Argus’ proprietary trade initiation platform Argus Open Markets® (AOM).

Argus SAF fob ARA, with the option to exclude HBE tickets

Get the same robustness and transparency but with the ability to use the SAF fob ARA assessment stripped of the credit prices for the Netherlands, where blending SAF can generate these tradable certificates, which are also assessed by Argus. The new index offers a relative view of prices excluding the value of the policy incentive, useful not only domestically but for comparison with international trade.

Who uses these assessments? 

The SAF market has various stakeholders with different needs and interests. They include:

  • Producers who need a market value for their SAF.
  • Fuel suppliers who need to know the best blending option for renewable fuels.
  • Feedstock originators who need to price their feedstock based on the SAF value.
  • Traders who connect SAF producers and suppliers across the world.
  • Analysts who need a valuation tool for renewable fuels for investment purposes.
  • Risk managers who need to control SAF-related financial exposure.
  • Road transport companies and other fuel consumers who are supplied SAF on term contracts.
  • SAF market participants who are interested in alternative or more frequently traded hydrotreated products.

Key price assessments

Argus prices are recognised by the market as trusted and reliable indicators of the real market value. Explore some of our most widely used and relevant price assessments.