Argus US UCO price assessments provide an independent and trusted reference for the value of used cooking oil for the production of biofuels in the United States. 

Prices are published for UCO in a range of locations across the US. 

UCO fob and del Chicago 
UCO fob Iowa
UCO fob Carolinas
UCO del Georgia
UCO del Northern and Southern Cali 

Assessments are the price of product with a maximum free fatty acid (FFA) content of 15pc and a maximum moisture, impurities and unsaponifiable (MIU) content of 2pc.

Price assessment details

What is UCO?

Used cooking oil (UCO) is fats and oils originating from commercial or industrial food processing operations, including restaurants, that have been used for cooking or frying. Feedstocks characterised as UCO contain only fats, oils, or greases that were previously used for cooking or frying operations and can be used to produce biofuels. 

What are the advantages of Argus US UCO price assessments?

UCO is an essential low-carbon intensity feedstock for the biofuels industry, used to produce renewable fuels including biodiesel, renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel. Global demand for UCO has risen as mandates for fuels that are not made with crops or animal products are increasingly promoted by governments around the world. Increased renewable diesel capacity in the coming years will increasingly draw on used cooking oil.
Argus’ independent price assessments for UCO provide critical transparency into a disparate and opaque, but fast-growing market. 

How are these prices used? 

The Argus UCO price assessments are trusted references used in contract settlement for supply agreements. Users include renewable diesel and sustainable aviation producers, biodiesel producers, UCO collectors, traders and brokers, among many others.

How to access Argus US UCO price assessments

Argus publish daily independent assessments for a range of UCO prices in Argus Biofuels and Argus Americas Biofuels. These services deliver trusted price assessments for finished fuels, feedstocks and environmental credits alongside insightful commentary, news and analysis for the biofuels markets.

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