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ARGUS Petroleum Coke Analytics

Argus Petroleum Coke Analytics is a subscription service that provides clients with forecasts and insight on long-term demand, supply and price trends in petroleum coke markets on a quarterly basis.

This service provides long-term forecasts for key Argus petroleum coke price benchmarks including:

Fuel Grade Anode Grade GPC and CPC prices
Fob USGC and fob USWC USGC
Cfr India China
Cfr China Middle East
Cfr Turkey ARA

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Underpinning these price forecasts is demand and supply analysis covering the following factors:

  • Changes in supply from shifts in refinery throughputs
  • Supply from new cokers
  • Trends in demand and composition of kiln fuels
  • Demand from the aluminium sector
  • Transparent forecasting and modelling methodology
  • Impacts from structural shifts in energy markets owing to energy transition and changing risks to security of supply

Analysis and forecasts are also provided for key markets that influence petroleum coke demand and supply:

  • Thermal coal
  • Aluminium
  • Metallurgical coal
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Production and trade balances provided for countries in the following regions:

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Northwest Europe
  • Mediterranean
  • Africa
  • Middle East
  • Asia

Companies that benefit from the service:

  • Refiners with coking assets
  • Cement makers, steel mills, glass manufacturers
  • Utilities
  • Aluminium producers
  • Traders
  • Participants in competitive markets – thermal coal, metallurgical coal

Argus Petroleum Coke Analytics complements the price reporting and news in the weekly Energy Argus Petroleum Coke report and the shorter-term forecasts in the monthly Argus Petroleum Coke Outlook.

Key value-add of this service:

  • Long-term price forecasts of Argus benchmarks underpinned by Argus coverage of many markets for budgeting and strategic decisions
  • Building blocks of demand and supply analysis on a short and longer-term basis

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